I Love Lee Tae-Ri ( I Love Italy) Episode 1

Before I start the Review, I would like to make a short Description and Summary of the First Episode,.
Here it goes:

14 year old Geum Eun-Dong (ED) is engaged to a woman 7 years older than him, Ha Soon Sim (SS), a known Hallyu star. He discovers that the woman likes another man, Choi Seung Jae (SJ). This man happens to be Lee Tae Ri’s first love. Eun-Dong is shocked and wishes that he can protect his love. After the wish, Eun-Dong becomes a 25-year-old man, Hwang Min Soo (MS).

Lee Tae-Ri (TR) is an heiress from a wealthy family. She seems perfect, with an attractive appearance and a great educational background. However, after being hurt by her first love, she doesn’t believe in love anymore. Her family is also jealous of her, which has made Lee Tae-Ri now seem cold and distant. Suddenly, in front of Tae-Ri, Eun-Dong appears. Tae-Ri begins to have feelings for Eun-Dong.

Episode 1 summary:

The first episode begins with boys helping their friend to declare his love to the girl he likes by writing on a sketch pad. Eun-Dong (ED) imagines his idol girl, Soon Sim (SS). While heading back, ED sees a depressed pretty woman by the window.

At the 2012 Boys National Swim Meet, ED wins a gold medal, which is expected as he’s so talented. He takes his medal to the ring shop and has it made into a ring, intending it to be for his girl. As soon as he leaves the shop, there are three bullies waiting for him outside. ED swallows the ring so the bullies cannot take it from him.

ED’s mom (Oh Min Ja [MJ]) and ED’s dad (Geum San[GS]) are a bickering couple, who always quarrel because of MJ’s temper. Even his father-in-law, Geum Ha-Sa, is a bit wary of her. ED is getting married because of a family promise, and his Mum is not happy for her son getting married as he is too young to get married “to a fox”. While ED is looking for a greasy food to eat to help him pass the ring, his Father asks him where the medal that he won at the swimming competition is. He tells is his Father that he contributed it to the school. ED’s Mum finds him in his room, but he’s ‘busy’ trying to get the ring back.

On the other hand, SS is practicing at the studio, as she has a busy schedule tomorrow. Her Grandmother comes and tells her that she has important things to do rather than her training, but she refuses to go. Her Grandmother is so angry that she drags SS out of the studio.

At the engagement ceremony, SS obviously doesn’t want to get engaged to ED. So as an excuse, she acts like she’s having a stomach ache to fool them. ED and SS are left alone and she tells ED that she has important things to do that day. In exchange, she’ll kiss ED on the lips.

Meanwhile we see Lee Tae-Ri, the CLS’s granddaughter, arrive from Milan Italy (she is the head at their branch in Italy). She also arranges the return of a 200 year old national treasure – the Sundial.

ED finally departs to the place where SS is going to have a live performance. It is the same museum that TR owns. TR loses her pendant (a small miniature of the Sundial), and ED finds it on the ground. TR asks staff who found her pendant, as she wants to meet him right away. Unfortunately, she meets Choi Seung Jae (SJ), her first love. She is startled and angry, because she doesn’t want him there working at the museum. She insists that he stays out of her sight. TR wanders around and goes to the place where the Sundial is located and reminisces about her past.

SS and SJ are talking about their relationship, when ED appears and sees that SS is kissing another man. SJ tells SS to back off because it’s his work place and it’s not a time for romantic gestures or anything. SS walks away and ED follows her, but he loses her and finds TR standing in front of the Sundial. He hugs her and tells her that he will protect her. However, he is wrong – he thought that he hugged SS, but it’s TR.

TR asks what is he doing there because it’s a restricted area, and she thinks that he is a runaway boy. He told her that he didn’t see the ‘restricted area’ sign and he tells her that he was hurt. TR tells him that he’s just only a boy, and he must not be so emotional, but ED tells her that he’s also a man got hurt, angry, happy etc.

The performance is going to start but SS is not yet there. Suddenly, the Sundial moves and the darkness covers the whole building. ED asks TR if she’s OK, but TR tells him that she’s afraid so ED hugs her. The opening ceremony continues as SS finally makes an appearance.

At home ED’s mother is so mad at him because he helps SS from escaping at the ceremony. His mother begins to mad mouth SS, but ED tells to his mother to stop speaking ill of her as SS isn’t that kind of girl.

ED delivers a coaching fee and a tub of kimchi to his coach. He tells his coach that his girl has another man and he doesn’t know what to do. His coach tells him to wish on a special phone application, and ED wishes to protect the person that he loves. However, nothing happens.

Meanwhile, TR is talking to his Grandfather’s ashes and asks him to give her a friend, a real friend who will hold her hands warmly because her last memory in Korea is when she was only 14 years-old.

Early in the morning ED goes to SS, tells her that he’s going to Australia because he’s going to compete for their school, and asks her why did she agree to get married to him. She tells him that she needs to practice and not to bother her because she was in a bad mood that day.

ED goes to the pool to practice and to break his record, but a sudden change happens. After the first lap, ED changes to the older version of himself (Kim Kibum), and his coach faints. Eun-Dong finally sees himself reflected in the mirrors and freaks out.


It was a great start to the drama. This episode has a lot of good sound and visual effects, which captures the feelings of the audience. The effects give the funny feeling in the story and of the characters. The drama is more like the new series Big, but it has a different approach. Big involves changing souls of two bodies, while this drama is focused on the literal growth of Eun-Dong, the main actor.

I’m still hoping that the second episode of the story will give us some hint what would be the scenario, and will go more into the characters’ backgrounds. Episode one is only focused on the two main actors, Tae-Ri and Eun-Dong, and not the two sub actors, Soon Sim and Seung-Jae. I hope that on the next episodes we can get to know more about them.

Stay tuned for the next Review of this drama…^^
see you again! 🙂

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