I Love Lee Tae-Ri ( I Love Italy) Episode 2

Character Ledger:

Geum Eun Dong (GED)
Lee Tae Ri (LTR)
Choi Seung Jae (CSJ)
Ha Soon Sim (HSS)
Hwang Min Gook (COACH H.)
Na Hong Sil (NHS)

Let’s do the RECAP

COACH H. had enough and tells GED to cover up. GED frets about the clothes because it’s too small for his manly size body. Just then, he hears the bus honks and runs out anxiously. He spots Soo-bin and Tae-gi (his friends) who bow to him respectfully, and asks hopefully if they recognize him. They rub their hands, thinking that his friends might know him, but they didn’t recognize him.

COACH H. clamps GED’s mouth before he says anything more and told them to get on the bus. They’re concerned about GED who’s not here yet so COACH H. lies that GED’s uncle came by to inform him that GED would not make it. He assures them that he’d make sure GED joins them. GED struggles desperately to free himself, but COACH H. slings him over the shoulders and carries him off.

COACH H. puts him in a cage, effectively imprisoning him by sitting on top. GED continues begging to be freed, he desperately wants to join his friends for the swimming camp. But no one is more anxious than his coach. GED was his meal ticket and now he’s disappeared because GED is now an adult;

COACH H. still do not believe that GED turns to a man, so GED reminds him of the drinking session the night before but COACH H. only thinks he’s stalking GED. GED tries to bring up HSS next but COACH H. just makes wild guesses about him being the manager, crazed fan and husband! But GED suddenly remembers about the engagement ceremony, because he though that the wine that he drink is a fault, turning him into an adult. He pleads again to be freed and manages to push off a distracted COACH H. with his strength.

GED takes off immediately though he does stop to admire his new body. A girl call him, addressing him “oppa”, but he’s still not used to it. The girl is promoting coffee and is clearly attracted to GED. He asks for her phone to browse the internet to check for HHS’s schedule. The girl absolutely liked him and asked him for a date . But GED declines it, and he anticipates HHS’s reaction when she sees him.

LTR wakes up to find headlines about the antique clock splashed all over the front page of the newspaper. In the museum, CSJ frowns as he reads about it. He receives a call from HSS who basically blackmails him into attending her signing event, if he doesn’t go to the event.

LTR receives report that the damage to the antique clock is consistent with human sabotage as opposed to normal degradation process. She immediately asks for CSJ, they told her that he was not around because he attends the event for their models.

HSS is still sulking about yesterday’s events and demands that CSJ must apologize. She told CSJ that if he doesn’t apologize to her, she would not attend the signing event; but CSJ didn’t mind it and he got pissed and told HSS to pack up and leave. And CSJ told her that he would cancel all of her schedules.

GED arrives at the signing event and bulldozes his way to the table, but HSS does not recognize him at all and takes him for an overzealous uncle-category fan. GED asks to speak to her in private, bringing up their engagement.

After the signing event, HSS meets GED with apprehension but tries to maintain an amiable front. She apologizes for being late but GED quips that it’s no big deal, since he’s already waited 14 years for her to marry him. But HSS continues to ignore him, but GED lists his features to her. But GED remembered her calluses on her foot, which should be something only he knows. HSS freaked out and she kicks him down-under and he writhes on the floor in pain.

LTR catches up with CSJ and throws the newspaper at him, questioning his motive for leaking the news to the press. The fact that the previously well-functioning CCTVs suddenly malfunctioned, the news is published before the employees have even clocked in for work and that it’s published on Dae Dong Newspaper. HSS steps in to defend CSJ. She’s unhappy with LTR’s condescending attitude, even if she is CSJ’s direct superior and LTS is not impressed with her rude behavior as well. CSJ tries to diffuse the situation by ushering HHS away.

GED pushes CSJ away, anxious to protect “his” girl, still unaccustomed to his newly acquired strength. GED recognizes LTR and tells her not to concern herself with the undeserving CWSJ. GED declares that he saw what CSJ did last night, clearly (he means he saw HSS and CSJ kissing). LTR walks off, deep in thought. A helpless CSJ also leaves them. When GED tries to stop HSS from following CSJ, all he gets is a slap in return. GED gives chase and manages to scribble a phone number on her car before HSS urges the driver to drive away.

CSJ receives a call from the Vice President, who’s the real culprit behind the news leak. But it’s not like CSJ can betray one boss to another.

LTR checks the CCTV footage which only shows CSJ entering a construction area with no CCTV coverage. She recalls GED’s warning and instructs the staff to find a man who fits his description.

GED returns to the swimming pool where COACH H. is still staring at the torn swimming trunks. GED asked if HSS called, because GED writes his coach’s number to HSS’s car, but COACH H. threatened him and told him that he’ll going to call the cops and send him away, but GED snatches the phone and COACH H. attacked him and he responded, and COACH H. acknowledge the he is the real GED. GED jumped to him like a child and hugs him tight.

GED worries about his swimming camp. But they need to change him back first to be a teenager. COACH H. is thinking of a plan how to change him back. After all, his mom thinks that he’s on the swimming camp. But the matter is how to change him back to his real self. GED though that if he jump to the pool, it will change him back, but it failed.

A girl dancing to the tune of Apple Head’s song when the lights go out suddenly. It’s LTR with a birthday Ice-cream for Na Hong-Sil (NHS) who is also a member of the Apple Head. LTR look at the posters at the studio when she sees HSS. HSS seems like a perfect package and she’s the top earning artist at their group. LTR asked NHS if she’s being bullied by HSS and told NSH that, no matter what happened she must tell LTR if she’s been bullied by HSS; and she’s going to protect her.

COACH H. and GED seem to lose hope on this matter. But GED though of another thing, their engagement wine ceremony. He told COACH H. that he’s the only one who drinks the wine and HSS didn’t because of faking her stomach ache and maybe because of this, he’s the only one who became an adult.

The next morning GED sneaks to their house to steal the wine. And he sneaks to his room to grab some clothes and things that he needed, and he came across to LTR’s calling card, then his mom came chasing him and you know what happened next.

CJS checks the CCTV footage and sees GED on his tail. He also learns that LTR has already seen the same footage.

COACH H. called GED asking if he’s got the wine. He’s already checked where HSS is and tells him to hurry over and have HSS drink it.

The girls are filming a commercial for a vitamin drink. NHS offers HSS some food but HSS makes barely veiled insults about her appetite.

LTR is looking for HSS and HSS discovers LTR’s true identity but she’s not the least intimidated. HSS thinks she’s here because of CSJ but LTR clears that up right away. LTR is not there to speak or question about CSJ, she’s there because of the track-suite-guy. LTR insists she has no problem sacking CSJ it’s as easy as teaching an arrogant girl like her a lesson. Thing is, CSJ would not leave her alone and actually he is the reason she’s looking for that man. But HSS shouted and asked LTR “do you know where my car is?”
LTR found her car and there are a lot of phone numbers of fans written on HSS’s car windows. LTR called it one by one; but GED came, he addresses her familiarly, asking why she’s here, and LTR told him that hes going to meet someone. GED compliments LTR and he remembered what is his mission. He tries to leave but LTR pulls him back by his straw hat.

LTR brings him to the studio where the commercial is being filmed. A quick-thinking GED switches the vitamin drink with the wine and after a few close calls, HSS finally gulps it down. He accomplished his mission and he grabbed LTR out of the studio.

GED is prepared to answer her questions now. LTR asks what he knows about CSJ but GED refuses to answer for fear of harming the reputation of his beloved HSS. LTR is upset he’s not upholding his end of the bargain and demands to know what CSJ did to the clock. And GED answered “what clock?” HSS shows up and points him out as a stalker who fed her the wine and the staff immediately gives chase.

AED meets up with Coach and told him that it wasn’t the wine that turned him to that way. He sees someone offering hugs on the streets and recalls his hug with LTR. He’s certain that she’s the cause because it felt like the world had stopped. He realizes he has just left LTR is his only hope.

He immediately rushed to the museum, but the museum was closed at that hour.
COACH H. has run a background check on LTR through the internet, amazed to find that she’s the LTR, rich chaebol’s daughter. And asks if it’s truly necessary for GED to be back to his normal self. But for GED, it’s all about participating in the swimming competition and winning a medal.

GED rushes off looking for her house. He’s convinced she’s made him a man. They check houses after houses the entire night. As morning breaks, COACH H. is determined to make one last go at it. They split up for the search and COACH H. advises him to hug first, explain later as soon as he sees LTR. And if he is successful, to rush to the Incheon Airport before 12pm.

GED notices an isolated mansion up a hill and sure enough, he’s found her residence. But the distance between the gate and the mansion is still quite a distance away.
After a long (super long) run he final sees LTR’s house (it looks like a museum or airport because it doesn’t look like a house). The guards restrain him before he manages to get close. And the guards act on CSJ’s orders.

CSJ is here to accompany LTR to her first exhibition but she’s not the least appreciative. Watching GED and CSJ bicker and fight, she offers GED a choice. If GED can find out what CSJ did to the clock, she’d consider GED tags along as LTR makes her exhibition tour. He’s desperate to get close enough for a hug but the guard assigned to him is doing a hell of a job restraining him. He finally frees himself long enough to make a run towards LTR, but he slips at the last moment and the inertia from his run propels them both into the pool.

Here goes the “CUT!!!” scene. I’m always pissed when this situation happened on a drama. They are torturing us (viewers) because of CUT! Let’s go to my thoughts people.
First off the sound effects and the great animation. Here we go again, as I said to my first review that they’re sound effects and animation gives the additional laugh to the viewers, and they never failed to make us laugh. The sync of the sound effects the timing of every sound given in the drama, and the timing on the scene that looks like funny to us (viewers). All I can say is DAEBAK!.
Second, Kibum’s acting. He really acts so well, and he really (really really) looks like a teenager on this drama. A literal teenager actually. Agree or disagree? Effective AEGYO. Effective acting and he looks like playing with his character.
I think his coach is always stealing the COMEDY spotlight. It was kinda disappointing. But anyway, it’s just the first TWO episodes. I will wait for the others. I hope this drama will end well and great.

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