I Love Lee Tae-Ri ( I Love Italy) Episode 5

Character Ledger:
Geum Eun Dong (GED)
Hwang Min Soo (HMS)
Lee Tae Ri (LTR)
Choi Seung Jae (CSJ)
Ha Soon Sim (HSS)
Hwang Min Gook (HMG)
Na Hong Sil (NHS)

LTR does not accept HMS’s extended hand, instead she hooks her arm around his. After overcoming his initial surprise, the two walks out of the hall, oblivious of the stares. HMS suggests that they “disinfect” again. What shall it be – soju, beer or wine? LTR insists her current mood warrants a cleansing ceremony.

Meanwhile, CSJ is doing some disinfecting of his own in the bathroom. Mr. VP shows up asking about HMS but CSJ assures him that he’s not a cause for worry. Well he’d better be, because at this rate CSJ will most likely lose out to him over LTR which defeats the purpose of him working for VP. Before VP leaves, he heaps more insult by patting butt.

LTR’s idea of a ceremony is….clubbing. Poor HMS is at a lost while LTR starts hopping around looking as though she’s exercising rather than dancing. Best thing is her expression – looking for the world like it’s perfectly normal to dance the way she does. HMS picks up quick enough and starts dancing as well, and better. But we see soon enough what LTR means by a cleansing ceremony, she’s basically exorcising her inner hurt by crying it out in the noisy club, where her tears won’t be noticed by anyone.

Except HMS. His heart goes out to her and he holds her hand comfortingly, his eyes conveying what his heart thinks, “LTR-shi, don’t cry. I will protect you”. He wipes away her tears as a moved LTR smiles at him. Then they continue dancing, this time they are truly enjoying.

Meanwhile, HSS decides to check on GED. Only he never showed up in his training center. Since she knows how much swimming means to him, it makes no sense that he would run away from home and sacrifice that. This means he might have really been abducted and the greatest suspect would be– HMS.

LTR is suffering from the after effects of hopping in her heels. She removes her heels only to have HMS lifting her feet over his lap amid much teasing. He calls her Lee Guk jang, a play on her name because he’s joking about how her feet stink like “cheonggukjang” (fermented soy bean used in Korean cuisine). Anyway, he quotes his mum, “The taste of tears and the smell of sweat are very precious to humans” while massaging her feet. Almost immediately he realizes his slip of tongue as LTR withdraws her feet. Cautiously, he asks if she misses her parents. She admits that she’s holding it in, because she’s a grown up.

HMS reiterates his wish to protect her (as fly swatter) before he leaves, as in after their 22 day contract. LTR thanks him for today but he thinks he’s done a shitty job. If he’d known CSJ would pull something like that, he’d not have let her enter that place. He pulls out a huge thumbs-up toy and showers her with compliments. She did well to restrain from breaking down before CSJ and leave the room with her head held high. Her dress is really pretty and her cleansing ceremony – all ‘che go’. The only blemish would be him as her partner. LTR assures him, all serious-like, that he didn’t embarrass her at all today.

Mum is busy making kimchi to bribe Coach and the mothers of other members of the swimming team, in hope that GED would not be kicked out later. She grumbles that some extra money would sure be handy for such circumstances. This is a touchy subject as loafer dad immediately explains that the more gifted one is, the poorer he is. According to dad’s outrageous theory, he’s penniless because of mum’s god-given skills.

They’re interrupted mid-bicker by HSS’s unwelcome appearance. Mum grabs a handful of salt and throws it at her. HSS reads GED’s letter but doubts if it’s the real deal. Mum throws in an exercise book of GED’s for her to compare. Mum rages at her since she thinks now that GED’s left home because of HSS but HSS leaves abruptly while dad restrains mum.

LTR enters her office to find CSJ already seated in her chair. Using HMS messing up the ceremony as an excuse, he’s now taking over her position. CSJ claims that the boards of directors are considering sacking her because her image is tarnished by HMS. His solution? Get rid of HMS and appoint him in charge of the museum. She disagrees, as expected, unwilling to exchange HMS for her position. CSJ sighs heavily and then starts to lecture her on giving up because of a measly ceremony? How does she expect to go against her uncle? LTR maintains that she only left the ceremony because she doesn’t want to see him, and it’s got nothing to do with her uncle. He tries to explain that he’s playing the bad guy here, to spare her from the uncle’s clutches so to speak.

LTR declares suddenly that she’s going to date HMS. She plans to eat, drink and love like the Italians .With that in his face, she makes her grand exit, with her name plate.

HSS confronts HMS accusing him of kidnapping GED. How else would he know GED’s inner thoughts. She screams “kidnapper” aloud when HMS couldn’t come up with an explanation. HMS covers up her mouth, anxious about attracting unwanted attention. He explains that he is brother to HMG; GED’s swimming coach, love counselor and idol. HSS narrows her eyes in doubt. More confident now, he elaborates that GED confided in his coach right before he ran away. He knows all about how she two-timed him, how she betray him on their engagement day by kissing another man. He’s no kidnapper, she is – a monster kidnapper.
Just then, LTR appears with CSJ on her heels. She shoves the name plate at HMS and announces nonchalantly that they’re going dating. CSJ tries to stop him but backs off when HMS threatens mischievously with his lips.

They’re off dating in a hypermarket, eating an ice-cream each. HMS thinks she’s too rash to give up on the museum. What about the Sun clock? LTR insists the clock won’t change her life. Oh, but it will change HMS’s! HMS calls out her name in frustration. But that’s exactly who she wants to be – not an heiress, not a curator, just a normal person named “Lee Tae-ri”. HMS thinks it’s just excuses. She’s totally lacking in ambition and fighting spirit. HMS is further left speechless as she totally ignores his well-meaning speech and lounges back in a massage chair, not unlike a child.

LTR declares she’s very happy today but HMS grumbles he’s very much troubled. Then she tells him vaguely that this strategy will not be tiring even if it lasts a year. Strategy? LTR reasons that CSJ will definitely not let her off this easily. HMS brightens up when he realizes it’s a farce to fool CSJ. LTR’s plan is to fool CSJ into thinking she’s given up on the museum, that way she can safely plan her next move. An elated HMS pinches her cheeks, happily and eagerly inquires about her next move.

LTR leaves the decision in his hand. And he suggests that … she lies down .Well, she lies on the floor, partially pillowed on his lap and reads a book held and flipped by HMS. And he starts feeding her junk food too. A manservant! And I love that he’s teaching her how to laze around, like a 14 year old would. The bell rings, and HMS answers the door eagerly. It’s Coach, open-mouthed, and here on HMS’s invitation. HMS asks why he’s late and Coach gripes that it’s a 30minutes walk from the gate. LTR is surprised to see him even as Coach thanks her for inviting him to her home. HMS enthusiastically declares that the party will begin now! LTR claps uncertainly.

HSS is grilling meat by herself all the while dissing CSJ for wanting to break up with her. She’s determined to show him that she’s no pushover. Her manager rushes over demanding to know what’s gone wrong. CSJ has released her from all her modeling and commercial contracts. Payments for the breach of contract have already been credited into the company’s account. This is bad news since they’ve been terminated way ahead of the contract’s deadline which will make it difficult for her to secure other offers. Her image will plummet. A speechless HSS starts having abdominal pain. CSJ stares at photos of Coach and HMS, whom he thinks are as different as day and night. His underling updates him that LTR is currently resting at home with the two brothers. CSJ frowns at that. CSJ warns him not to be lax and to keep an eye on LTR’s movements. He also learns that Coach Hwang is also coach to the VP’s son.

LTR is all dressed in pajamas and the ribbon. HMS remarks that she looks pretty, like a pajama model. It’s a pajama party. Next up, they need to play some sort of games. LTR excitedly brings out a board game. It’s the millionaire game. HMS is clueless about it but Coach starts elaborating that it’s a ruthless game where one will stop at nothing to buy lands and build properties. LTR comments that a three-year difference cannot be underestimated – the generation gap is quite big. HMS insists that he knows the game. It’s just that it’s a rather old game. LTR is not discouraged – it’s a gift from her grandpa when she was 12 years old and through it, she’d learn the rules of business from him. The three are pretty engrossed in the game.

At one point, HMS landed on the Italy property and declares he’s buying it. But LTR holds the golden key so he can’t buy it quite as easily. The conditions stated on the card are HMS would have to clear the payments for all his properties and kisses the person on his left three times. HMS immediately kisses LTR on the forehead three times while Coach grumbles at the wasted opportunity. How could he kiss the same spot three times? HMS doesn’t care and he successfully buys Italy, “Now, Italy is mine!”

Secretary Hong stops by to update LTR on the situation. She’s already planted spies by CSJ’s side to monitor his movements and arranged for appropriate smokescreen on their side. Secretary Hong also manages to smuggle in a paper containing the schedule on the exact time and route the thing LTR ordered from Milan would arrive. With that, LTR returns to her game with the boys.

HMS and Coach fall asleep in the living room. As day breaks, LTR nudges the sleeping HMS awake.

Meanwhile, CSJ had a sleepless night, no thanks to a certain message informing him that the Hwang brothers spent the night at LTR’s..

LTR and HMS arrives outside another property of LTR’s, one that is as dear to her heart as the museum. HMS muses that LTR’s grandpa must have led the dullest of life in order to provide her with so many things. LTR quips that things will get interesting from now on. LTR explains that they have to look for something here before the employees come in for work. The automated gate opens suddenly revealing an already waiting CSJ.

CSJ has arranged for himself to be in charge of the warehouse for the morning. He will oversee all the deliveries made since last night, of which he will be responsible for the assortment, distribution and return deliveries. LTR is curious how he found out she’d be here. Well, the method does not matter, what matters is he is already aware of her plans. HMS thinks he’s overstepping the borders since this is LTR’s territory. But he retorts it’s too early to say that – since LTR’s fate depends on whether he can find that thing she ordered from Milan.

While HMS searches high and low for that mysterious thing, LTR confronts CSJ, surprised he still won’t let her off. Well, for someone who claims to have given up on the museum, what is she doing here? Games up, LTR demands for her stuff. He declares he’s going to return it to Paul in Milan. He doesn’t know what she’s got there but whatever it is, she should stop it. There’s no way he’s going to let Paul return to the museum. LTR warns him against interfering. If he messes up her plans this time, she won’t let him off. But to CSJ, it’s already game over for her. The fact that she brought HMS along has convinced him to stop caring for her.
Defeated, LTR wants to leave but HMS insists on continue searching, ignoring her order to leave for the day. And so he searches blindly alone, without much success. Meanwhile, LTR calls up Paul and informs him that CSJ has acted first and returned that thing to Milan. Their plans would have to be postponed until the thing is in their hands.

Elsewhere, Mr. VP meets up with Coach and offers him the position of his son’s personal coach with a billion yearly salaries paid up front and a 70% pay raise as incentive for every record made. To his credit, Coach explains that he’s already GED’s personal coach. To further tempt Coach, Mr. VP throws in more offers – lifelong access to hotel stay, open car. As the door opens, Coach quickly pockets the check. It’s CSJ and Coach immediately recognizes him as the mungbeanfly from HMS’s description and excuses himself to the washroom nervously.

CSJ asks if Coach knows that CSJ is the one looking for him. Mr.VP assures CSJ that he’s not that stupid as to reveal that. Mr.VP asks if he’s been making changes to the museum as per his wishes. CSJ explains that repair efforts on the Sun clock have been halted. But that’s not what he means. Why hasn’t he taken over the Curator position? Is he reserving the seat for Tae-ri? The original plan is for him to destroy the museum. So he’d better take over and start working on that

A hospitalized HSS is beyond furious to learn that CSJ is the new curator. And as curator, he’d sacked her. The girls muse that there must be some unfinished private business between the two. The manager freaks out at that suggestion and HSS denies it. She’s saved from furthering badgering as the manager receives a call about a commercial offer. HSS glares at a nervous NHS who declares she knows nothing about this.

LTR learns that Mr.Vp has already announced plans to renovate the museum. All efforts to preserve the Sun clock has already been halted. LTR calls NHS to find out HSS’s location.

At home, Coach is busy counting the numbers on his check. He knows he’s not supposed to accept the money but the temptation is so great. Thus he decides to sit on it, literally, before he gets rid of the check like the honorable person he’s supposed to be. HMS returns, still bubbling with anger and the nervous Coach immediately stash the check into his pants. HMS calls Coach ‘hyung’, all serious and upset, asking why things are like this. Naturally, Coach thinks he’s found out about the check. But HMS starts to whine about the difficult life as a man, disappointed that he’s unable to help LTR find her stuff or capture the mungbeanfly. Coach tries to confirm if mungbeanfly=Choi Seung-jae, but his name alone is enough to frustrate the hell out of HMS. HMS vows to remain as Hwang HMS until he gets to capture the mungbeanfly. Coach sees his opening – if GED remains as HMS, that means he needn’t be GED’s swimming coach, right?

LTR meets HSS at the hospital and requests that she returns to the museum. HSS is doubtful since CSJ would never let that happen now that he’s the curator. LTR reminds her of their personal contract – LTR would help make CSJ into HSS’s man in exchange for her being their museum’s image spokesperson. Since CSJ is not yet her man, their contract is still valid. CSJ would only give up on LTR and turn to HSS if he’s utterly destroyed. HSS grudgingly acknowledges that but she has a condition – to borrow her fly-swatter! If it is known that Heart is dating with her boyfriend in the museum, the resultant media attention would be tremendous. Her reason for choosing HMS? She’s feeling aggrieved that CSJ is overlooking her for LTR. She admits that her self-esteem took a hit so she wants to get in between LTR and CSJ even if it means making HMS her boyfriend. LTR refuses since HMS himself would have rejected her condition. HSS is adamant to have her way – LTR could make him do it. Moreover, LTR shouldn’t have any reason to object if she doesn’t harbor any feelings for HMS.

HSS planted the suggestion, but LTR is considering for the first time the possibility that she’d fallen for him by reminiscing about their moments together. She shows up unannounced at HMS’s place the next morning…and tells him he’s to be HSS’s boyfriend. HMS is surprised but LTR convinces him it’s the only way to save the museum. She also informs him that she plans on extending their 22 day contract but she’s made several alterations to the conditions.

HMS reads aloud the new contract:

“I, Hwang HMS will become image spokesperson, HSS’s boyfriend for a day. Because it concerns the museum, I will try my very best for Lee LTR’s sake. In case I’m not confident I won’t be wavered by HSS, I can terminate the contract immediately.”

HMS looks at LTR questioningly which prompts her to ask if it’s too complicated. HMS denies it and pledges to be HSS’s boyfriend for her sake. Satisfied, LTR seals the contract with a lipstick kiss.

LTR joins NHS for a workout session at the gym. NHS shares that she maintains her youthful looks by sweating it out on the bicycle machine an hour a day. LTR looks at her photo and asks if she looks old. NHS doesn’t think so but concedes the title of a curator does make her seem older than she is. LTR agrees and NHS suspects she’s given up her position for this reason. Hah. LTR tells her she just wanted a break. Then, LTR asks for the brand of cosmetics NHS uses. NHS finally catches on and asks teasingly if she’s seeing someone. She sure is acting weird today.

HSS and HMS begin their date at the museum with helmets on. HSS removes her helmet and they snap several lovey-dovey pictures but with HMS’s identity withheld. HSS announces that the man in helmet is her boyfriend whose face will be revealed right before the Sun Clock when the repair is complete.

They’re interrupted by CSJ but HSS nonchalantly informs him that she had signed a contract with LTR as the image spokesperson. She’s just doing her job in promoting the Sun Clock. CSJ frowns at HMS’s presence, asking what he’s doing here. HMS is HSS’s fly swatter, on loan from LTR. HMS perks up adorably when HSS says that LTR had loaned him to her to be returned after use, which is exactly what she intends to do. CSJ tries to drag her away but HMS intercepts by ruffling his hair. They escape as CSJ stays rooted in shock. CSJ eventually gives chase along with his goons but the two has already gained a considerable head start. They hide in a room which is immediately locked automatically. Oh dear.

Meanwhile, LTR checks the photos HSS uploaded online but feels jealous, muttering that they don’t match at all.

CSJ is busy fixing his hair. The damage is done as the museum is flooded with calls about the Sun clock. Some rabid fans even threaten to kill the curator if the clock is not repaired soon. CSJ orders the two kept locked until the museum is abolished, adding sarcastically that the two can now gaze at stars and date for real.

HSS and HMS is locked in the planetarium where the breathtaking simulations of the stars and planets enthrall HSS. She tells him to stop his futile efforts to force the door open. HMS is worried CSJ will go after LTR but HSS tells him that the media circus out there would make it impossible for him to seek her out.

HSS tells him he should feel honored to be star-gazing with the famous AppleHead. HMS tells her off for being childish but HSS retorts that he isn’t very mature. One moment he’s chasing after an idol, and the next he’s seducing an heiress. HMS takes offense at that and she immediately retracts her words. She asks curiously how much he’s being paid that he’s working his ass off for Tae-ri. HMS replies indignantly that he’s not receiving a cent. HSS surmises that he’s in love with LTR then. HMS sighs that the adult world is not as simple as she thinks, there’s a reason for his actions.

HSS drops the topic and marvels at the sight. She hasn’t gazed at stars since she became a star. HMS tells her it’s ok to take a break occasionally. She might be a star but she’s still HSS, the girl who likes star candies and stay up all night just to watch meteor showers – silly village girl HSS. HSS looks at him contemplatively and asks if he really doesn’t know where GED is. HMS realizes his slip of tongue and denies any knowledge of his whereabouts. HSS wonders if GED is eating well. HMS tells her to save it – GED will grow up nicely without her. She’d do well not to get too upset over the mungbeanfly.

The door finally opens and HMS excuses himself. HSS calls out to him but stop short of saying anything.

As HMS runs to LTR, CSJ is already at LTR’s place. He’s keen on clearing the misunderstandings between them so that they won’t drift further apart from each other. LTR doesn’t get it since he was behind everything that has happened. He explains he’s been waiting until everything falls into place. What does he want? He wants her – Lee Tae-ri.


Is this episode CUTE or what? In this episode there are some cute points and some interesting points.
First, HSS is falling for HMS? Really, as far as I know she doesn’t want GED but she’s falling for him, (because he’s the adult one). Second, SLUMBER PARTY! I find this one cute, they are like teenagers (but co-ed) having their first slumber party, its super funny.
I think the story FINALY has its flow, like HSS is being sort of nice (I hope so). And CSJ is still a dork/ Nop pun nome (bad man) as always. And the love triangle will come up soon I guess, HSS-HMS-LTR..
Hoping the next episode of this drama will be exciting as ever.

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