Japanese Cinema and Art

Three days of Japanese Cinema and Art at the National Gallery.
This programe will feature a free talk about Hokusai on the 15th, while on the 16th and 17th selected Japanese films will be screened including “Departures” the first ever Japanese winner of the best Foreign film Oscar for 2009.
This will be followed discussion with Director Yojiro Takita then dirnks reception.

Other filmes to be screened are Fudeko, Her Love –The Angel’s Piano, Barefoot Gen and Kikujiro. Fudeko, Her Love –The Angel’s Piano will be followed by a discussion with director Hisako Yamada.

15 Apr 09,
3pm Talk: The Influence of Japanese prints on western artists
4pm Film: Portraito of Artistc Genius, Katsushika hokusai

16 Apr 09,
12:30pm Film: Barefoot Gen
3 pm Film: Fudeko, Her Love — The Angel’s Piano
4:45pm Director discussion with Hisako Yamada and Q&A
17 Apr 09,
1:30pm Film: Kikujiro
5:30pm Film:Departures
7pm Director discustion with Yojiro Takita, Q&A and receptionContact Email: mjapancarefortheelderly@googlemail.com

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