‘Jazz In The Classics’ with Yukiko Shinohara (piano)


J.S.Bach: intro:- Prelude No. 1 in C major
Prelude Non 2 in C minor / “Bach à la Jazz” arr: Matt Herskowitz
(from book one of Bach’s ‘Well-Tempered Clavier’)
G. Gershwin:- Three Preludes
M. Ravel:- Valse nobles et sentimentales (first five)
G.S.Ligeti:- Etude No.8 ‘Fem’
S.A.Gubaidulina:- Piano Sonata 2nd movement
A. Rosenblatt:- Paganini Variations
N.G.Kapustin:- Sonata Fantasy 4th movement

“I don’t like classical music” some say when, in reality, they are listening to it all the time…in pop renditions borrowing famous (or not so famous) themes, in advertising, programme intros, film music and various other computations. Jazz, by definition, is improvised music but classical composers have been using its harmonic structures and rhythms for some time now. In fact from the roots of what we call ‘classical’ music it has been more of a progression than a separate musical genré. Because of Bach, Mozart, Tchaikovsky and myriad other greats, we have them to thank for Gershwin and other composers and arrangers. Yukiko plays for you a concert of contrasting styles from the 18th century to modern times where we can identify ‘classical’ and ‘jazz’ as needing no other title than ‘music’.

Artist info:
Yukiko Shinohara was born in Ibaraki, Japan and studied at Tokyo Metropolitan Senior High School for Fine Arts and Music. She came to England to study at Goldsmith’s College (University of London) and later at Trinity College of Music, London. She also studied in Frankfurt, Dartington, Darmstadt, Salzburg and Nice. She performs both as chamber musician and soloist in Japan, U.K, Belgium, Holland, France, Greece and Spain. She has appeared at St George’s previously as leader of Anglo-Japanese Society of Wessex’s ‘ eight hands on two pianos’ group ‘Inzpir8tion’. On November 7th 2013 at St George’s Yukiko and Yuki Negishi marked a triumphant debut with the four hands on two pianos duo ‘4Tune’ for the AJSW for which she holds the position as an advisor and Honorary Patron

Date: Thu May 7th 2015, 1:00–2:00 pm
Venue: St George’s Bristol, Great George Street, Off Park Street, Bristol BS1 5RR
Tel: 020 72374445
Email: godfreyking316@btinternet.com
Web: www.ajsw.org.uk
Organiser: Anglo-Japanese Society of Wessex

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