Jazz on the Road

Date: 18 December 2008
Venue: The Old Queens Head, 44 Essex Road, London N1 8LN
WEb site: www.myspace.com/jazzontheroad or www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLsRze898Sk
Organiser: Commodo Depot Inc

London’s jazz movement has remained vibrant since the 80’s, and Jazz Dance continues to thrive. Japanese dancer Maki has been a member of world famous dance company ‘Jazzcotech Dancers” since 2005 and teams up with Kola to perform ‘Street-Fusion Jazz Dance’ accompanied by UK Jazz group “Drugstore Cowboy” and London-based Japanese DJs Koichi Sakai and Kay Suzuki.

The event will be broadcast live for Japanese audiences at http://www.jjazz.net/.

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