Jinro Launches “Sharing the Love in a Glass” campaign to deliver “Love Rice” to the Neighbours

Jinro (CEO: Yoon Jong woong), a leading alcoholic beverage manufacturer in Korea, launched “Sharing the Love in a Glass” campaign to deliver “Love Rice” to the neighbours who suffer from the economic owe.
The company will fundraise 500,000,000 won through the sales of Chamisul soju between March and May. Then the returns of 25,000 packs of the rice – 10 kilos each – will be delivered to the “Community Chest of Korea”.
“In this difficult economic situation, it is our commitment to contribute to both the agricultural industry and the community which require help. I hope that all the people who have given great love to our company overcome the economic depress soon. We will continue to make an effort to run various charity campaigns throughout whole year,” said Mr YOON Jong-woong, CEO of Jinro.

Meanwhile the company signed MOU with the Community Chest of Korea on “Sharing the Love in a Glass” campaign and announced that both organisations will work closely together to endeavour to share love and increase hope in the community.

About Jinro
Since it’s launch in 1924, Jinro Soju has changed the drinking culture of Asia and has grown to become the world’s best selling spirit. Jinro’s success can be attributed to it’s passion for crafting a spirit from Korea’s finest natural resources: choice grains and spring water. Jinro Soju is a reflection of that dedication to purity and the experience of nearly a century of spirit making artistry. Jinro Soju is enjoyed for its smooth, clean flavor in over 60 countries on five continents.

Website: http://www.jinro.com/

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