K-Music Festival Darkness Poomba


Choreographer Kim Jae-Duk and his group of dancer/musicians take hold of Korean traditional dance and hotwire it with thrilling live music inspired by ancient Korean song (“poomba”) – a sense of reshaping the past to explore the future defines Modern Table’s powerful performance style. Highly acclaimed across Europe, they have been invited to London by The Place for their first UK performances.

“In a truly interdisciplinary work, the audience are taken on a strange and unexpected voyage through contemporary dance, traditional song and rock music. Executed seamlessly, ‘Darkness Poomba’ is a work that constantly transforms our environment, each new world a critique of the one that has come before.” TANZ CONNEXIONS

Date: Monday 24 / 25 October, 8PM
Venue: The Place, Euston
Price: £ 16
Book: http://www.serious.org.uk/events/info/modern-table-present-darkness-poomba

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