Kim Yeon: Exhibition at ALBERMARLE Gallery

Date: 07 Oct – 29 Oct 2011
Venue: ALBERMARLE Gallery, 49 Albermarle Street, London W1S 4JR UK
Organiser: HADA Contemporary

Kim Yeon’s sculptures encourage moments of meditation and contemplation from the viewer. Sections of streams and rivers are captured in a state of stasis, tranquility and calm. Yeon’s vibrantly coloured autumnal leaves are suspended within the soft, liquid appearance of resin accentuating their fragility.
Shimmering in the light, her stainless steel sculptures explore further aspects of nature, focusing on oceans and the skies above them. The contrast of brushed and highly polished surfaces, playfully acknowledge the solid and yet seemingly liquid nature of the same cold, hard material. The reflected light appears to dance in the sculpture’s surroundings, casting mysterious patterns and shadows which bring yet another magical element to the work.


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