Korea Agro-Fisheries Trade Corp signs MOU with Korea Foods Ltd to Penetrate the European Market

On Thursday 9th July a historical MOU ceremony was held between Korea Agro-Fisheries Trade Corporation and Korea Foods Ltd in New Malden, England. This MOU was based on the vision of the aT’s 2009 Globalising Korean Food scheme which set out the following goals: 

* A leader in the globalization of Korean agricultural and fishery products
* Increasing the farmer’s income by increasing agricultural & fishery products exportation
* Helping solve the problems in the export field
* Storing and supplying staple agriculture and fishery products for price stabilization
* Efficient management of state trading products under WTO policy
* Developing efficient physical distribution systems
* Providing comprehensive financial support, training, and marketing information services
* Customer-oriented business management
* Advocating the KMS-oriented enterprise culture

During the ceremony, Mr Youn Jang Bae, President & CEO of Korea Agro-Fisheries Trade Corporation commented that “the European market is comparatively conservative but it has huge potential for the Korean food industry. Therefore, once the Korea & EU FTA work is done, we must concentrate and corporate to penetrate our splendid Agro-Fisheries products into the European Market. I hope Korea Foods ltd can promote our products better after this agreement”.

Mr Bernard Suh, President from Korea Foods Ltd emphasised that “Our company is involved in a number of many different marketing activities. Our primary aim is to unveil Korean food as ‘Hidden Treasure….the next big thing’ in Europe. We will take the role of Korean food ambassador and do our best to promote Korean food to the European market.”

Suh Byung Il, the chairman of Korean residents society, also expressed his delight. “We are so pleased to be eye witnesses to this historic ceremony. The Korean residents society will be honoured to participate in the Globalising Korean Food campaign. I hope to see more English people enjoying our beautiful Agro-Fisheries products everywhere in the UK soon.”

After the morning MOU ceremony, the Korean food promotion was held through the Korea Foods stores and Wing Yip Croydon until 11th July. A customer who purchased Korean melon, grapes and some Samjin rice noodles made the following comment: “The colour of the Korean melon and grapes is so vivid and the taste is twice as sweet as what I normally have here in the UK. Also the packing for the noodle looks so attractive. I am going to have these for dinner tonight. I must come back to look for some other Korean food here again.”

Currently, Korea Foods is preparing for the Thames Festival in September. And according to Ms Heewon Jun, Marketing & PR Executive, it is expected that Korea Foods Ltd will take part of this festival and introduce many Korean food items during the festival.

About Korea Agro-Fisheries Trade Corp
aT (Korea Agro-Fisheries Trade Corp.) is a government-invested organization, responsible for agricultural marketing services and international trade since its incorporation in 1967. aT is an export promotion organization with nearly 40 years experience of not only supporting the development of first-rate Korean agricultural food products but also delivering them around the world.

Address: 232, aT Center, Yangjae-Dong, Seocho-Gu, Seoul, 137-787, Korea
Tel: 02 6300 1000
Website: http://www.at.or.kr
Email: atwebmaster@kati.net

About Korea Foods Ltd
Established in 1999 Korea Foods has since grown to become the leading importer of Korean food in the UK. The company offers the widest range of Korean products in the UK and has an extensive range of Japanese, Chinese and Thai food. The main warehouse has been in New Malden since 1999. The retail division is called Seoul Plaza and has six shops in the UK, one shop in Slovakia and one shop in Germany -which has been an instant hit with the community there.

Address: Unit 5 Wyvern Industrial Estate, Beverley Way, New Malden, Surrey, KT3 4PH
Tel: 020 8949 2238
Fax: 020 8942 9882
Website: http://www.koreafoods.co.uk/
Email: info@koreafoods.co.uk

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