Korean Air Commences Cabin Facilities Upgrade from September

Celebrating its 40th anniversary, Korean Air announced today it has commenced the refurbishment of all its mid and long-haul passenger aircraft by installing them with next generation premium seats.

From September 1 this year to April 2011, Korean Air will refurbish 32 mid and long-haul passenger aircraft such as B777s and A330s with the installation of the recently launched Kosmo Suites (First Class), Prestige Sleeper (Prestige Class) and New Economy (Economy Class) seats.

This is the second phase of the airline’s extensive refurbishment plan for its fleet, which include 9 B777-200s, 4 B777-300s, 3 A330-200s and 16 A330-300s, all of which have been in service for more than 6 years. Taking an average of 25 days to complete an aircraft, this $200 million project involves the replacement of 9720 seats with the help of 28,800 technicians per year. In addition, seats in all classes will be fitted with the latest AVOD (Audio Video On Demand) systems.

The recently launched next generation premium seats, Kosmo Suites and Prestige Sleeper will be installed on long-haul aircraft such as B777-200s. Mid-haul planes such as B777-300s, A330-200s and A330-300s will be upgraded with 180 degree lie flat Sleeper and 170 degree comfortable Prestige Plus seats. New Economy, ergonomically designed new seats will be installed in Economy Class of all designated aircraft.

An enhanced state-of-the-art AVOD system, offering a 16:9 wide screen over 60 movies, 40 short features, 300 CDs, 40 games and 15 audiobooks, will deliver a richer entertainment experience to passengers in all classes.

Refurbishment of the first aircraft in Korean Air’s hanger in Gonhang-dong, Seoul, is expected to complete in 29 days. Upon the completion of the second phase of the refurbishment plan in April, 2011, the airline will have a fleet of 70 aircraft equipped with state-of-the-art facilities serving its mid and long-haul routes.

By flying environmental friendly next generation aircraft, such as A380 and B787, Korean Air will eventually operate 96 premium aircraft by 2014.

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