Korean Film Night: Hurrah! For Freedom (1946)

Director: Choi In-kyu
Running Time: 80 mins
Screening Date: August 11, 2011
Number of Seats: 125
Theartre: Multi Purpose Hall, KCCUK

August 1945, Nam-bu, a Japanese collaborator reveals the name of an independence activist, Han-jung, putting him in prison, Han-jung escapes and goes into hiding in a nurse’s house as he prepares to raise an armed uprising. One of his conspirators, Park is caught and jailed for possessing a bomb. Han-jung breaks Park out off jail and the two continue there plans to over throw the Japanese while dragging in their reluctant, nurse host.

The screening of this film is in celebration of Korea’s liberation from the Japanese with Hurrah! For Freedom being the first film produced after the Japanese colonisation. Korea’s Liberation Day is August 15th.

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