Korean Literature Essay Contest 2009

Korea Literature Translation Institute (LTI Korea) and Korean Cultural Centre announce the first ‘Korean Literature Essay Contest 2009’ in the UK.
This contest is to introduce Korean literature to overseas readers and we look forward to all participants building a broader view of Korea literature through this programme.
The subject text of 2009 is ‘There a Petal Silently Falls'(Columbia University Press 2008) by Ch’oe Yun (저기 소리 없이 한 점 꽃잎이 지고).
The competition is open to entrants from across the UK and a panel of judges will select the best essay with the top three being awarded prizes. The first prize winner from each country will be entered for the Grand Prize, with the three nominations for the Grand Prize being invited to an awards ceremony in Seoul in December 2009.Guideline
– How to Enter
* Complete and submit the entry from available on the KCC website (http://www.kccuk.org.uk) to receive your free copy of the subject text.
* The context is open to the public of all nationalities, but the essays must be in English.
* The essays must be the sole work of the contributors and not previously published in any form.

– Contest Schedule
* Summer 2009: Copies of the book distributed to all applicants.
* 31st October 2009, 5pm: Deadline for entries submitted to: eunjeong.shin@kccuk.org.uk
* 6th November 2009: Winners will be announced on the KCC website.
(Participants will be provided with the subject books once their applications have been received.)
– Format
* The essay must not exceed 2,000 words or less and typed.
* The submission must be completed with essays and application forms.
– Selection Process
* The award winners will be notified by 6th November 2009 and they will be invited to an award ceremony at the KCC (London) in November 2009.
– Awards
* First Place(1 person): Samsung Laptop
* Second Place (2 people): Samsung Mobile Phone
* Third Place (2 people): Samsung Digital Camera
* Judging Panel’s choice (2 people): Samsung MP3 Player

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