Korean Literature Night – Please look after mother


The Korean Cultural Centre UK is proud to announce a new programme for 2014, the Korean Literature Night. The Korean Literature Night is a monthly discussion group that will cover various themes and topics according to the book of the month. It will take place on final Wednesday of each month, from Feb. to Nov. 2014, at the KCCUK. The first Korean Literature Night will discuss topics from ‘Please look after mother’, a beautifully rendered novel about sacrifice, guilt, and the ties of family love.

Event Date: 26th Feb, Wednesday, 18:30-20:30

Venue: Korean Cultural Centre, Film Archive

Entrance Free: Booking Essential

RSVP to info@kccuk.org.uk or call 0207 004 2600

RSVP deadline: 7th Feb 14.00

Available Seats: 15

You can pick up a copy of the book from the KCCUK from next week, once you have received your confirmation e-mail.

About the Book- Please look after mother

Please Look After Mother is the story of So-nyo, a wife and mother, who has lived a life of sacrifice and compromise. In the past she suffered a stroke, leaving her vulnerable and often confused. Now, travelling from the Korean countryside to the Seoul of her grown-up children, So-nyo is separated from her husband when the doors close on a packed train.

As her children and husband search the streets, they recall So-nyo's life, and all they have left unsaid. Through their piercing voices, we begin to discover the desires, heartaches, and secrets she harboured within. And as the mystery of her disappearance unravels, we uncover a larger mystery, that of all mothers and children: how affection, exasperation, hope and guilt add up to love. Compassionate, redemptive and beautifully written, Please Look After Mother  will reconnect you to the story of your own family, and to the forgotten sacrifices that lie at its heart.

Biographical Notes– Kyung-Sook Shin

Kyung-sook Shin is the author of 6 novels in addition to Please Look After Motherwhich has been published in 19 countries, and has sold almost 1.5 million copies in South Korea alone. She is one of the country's most widely read and acclaimed novelists, having won the Manhae Grand Prize for Literature, the Dong-in Literature Prize, and the Isang Literary Prize, as well as France's Prix de l'Inaperu. She divides her time between Seoul and New York.


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