Korea’s Best-Loved Story Comes to the KCC

Date: Sat 13th June at 2.00 p.m
Venue: Korean Cultural Centre UK, Ground Floor,,Grand Buildings, 1-3 Strand, London WC2N 5BW
Admission : Free
To book your free tickets please contact the KCC by Email: info@kccuk.org.uk Tel: 0207 004 2600

For more information on Moby Duck Please Contact: Guy Hutchins Artistic Director 0121 242 0400 07908 717476 info@moby-duck.org

I’m Still Hungry!, Moby Duck’s new show for family audiences aged four and over, will be coming to the Korean Cultural Centre in June 2009.
The show in English is based on Hae wa Dal, Korea’s best-loved folk tale. When a tiger’s just eaten your mother and still looks hungry, it’s a good idea to run ─ as far and as fast as you can. But when you’re stuck at the top of a tall tree ─ and the tiger’s climbing towards you, licking his lips ─ and there’s not a woodcutter in sight ─ you have to think quicker than you’ve ever thought before …
I’m Still Hungry! is the company’s latest international collaboration between British and South Korean artists. Birmingham-based writer Peter Wynne Willson is also Visiting Professor in Children’s Theatre at the Korean National University of the Arts; so he has taken the opportunity to research and develop the script with children in Seoul as well as the UK. Rising star Lee Dong Kyu has joined the company from Korea; and Ali Belbin and Toni Midlane ─ both last seen as Maggie Thatcher in Thatcher — the Musical! join Moby Duck from the UK.
Korea’s best-loved story makes Little Red Riding Hood look as though she’s still on the nursery slopes. Storytelling, live music, puppetry and wild, exuberant Korean humour swirl together into a unique, exhilarating performance style that has become the company’s trademark ─ perfect family entertainment!

Notes on the artists

Peter Wynne-Willson’s
thirty-odd plays include work for Greenwich Young People’s Theatre, the Half Moon, Merseyside Young People’s Theatre, Women and Theatre, London Bubble and Birmingham Rep. He has been Visiting Professor in Children’s Theatre to South Korea’s National University of the Arts for the last nine years. This is his fifth show for Moby Duck.

Lee Dong Kyu
is one of South Korea’s brightest new talents. Over the last ten years he has appeared in nineteen films as well as working in theatre for young people as actor and puppeteer.

Ali Belbin
has worked non-stop in theatre for companies including Birmingham Rep, Theatre Centre, Red Ladder, Women & Theatre, Big Brum, MAC and Croydon Warehouse; and she recently played Military Maggie in Thatcher – the Musical for Foursight Theatre. Recent TV includes Teachers and Switch and recent radio The Archers and Gunpowder Women.

Toni Midlane
has worked for Birmingham Rep, Trading Faces, The Watermill Theatre, Women & Theatre, Open House, Platform4 and Language Alive among others. While with Classworks Theatre she worked with Edward Bond on the world premiere of The Children; and she was recently seen as Power Suit Maggie in Foursight Theatre’s Thatcher – the Musical.

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