Koshu Japanese Art Calligraphy Exhibition


Japanese Art Exhibition by Koshu (Akemi Lucas)
Calligraphy, Brush Painting and Seal Exhibition

An Exhibition called ‘Love and Dream’ of Koshu’s latest innovative Japanese based Calligraphy Art is on at the Frameless Gallery, 20 Clerkenwell Green, London, EC1R 0DR.

Koshu blends East and West to produce some of the most exciting Japanese Art in her field. She is named deshi (honoured student) of Master Seizan Fujimoto, who was a named student of the famous master, Kakudo Arita, who was a named student the legendary famous master, Kaikaku Niwa, following the historically well known Calligrapher of Meiji period, Meikaku Kusakabe.

It is very rare indeed to see such a talented artist with such a renowned lineage in Japanese Calligraphy exhibiting in London.

Date: 5 – 23 November 2013
Venue: At Frameless Gallery, 20 Clerkenwell Green, London, EC1R 0OR
E-mail: Akemilucas0108@gmail.com
Web: http://koshujapaneseart.co.uk
Organiser: YOKO

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