Leaving My Found Eden: A Poetography Exhibit

Date: 18 July – 7 August 2011
Venue: Lewisham Arthouse, 140 Lewisham Way, London SE14 6PD
Email: info@lewishamarthouse.org.uk or ron@poetography.org
Web: http://www.lewishamarthouse.co.uk or http://poetography.org
Organiser: Poetography.org

Poetography is an art form that combines poetry and photography, creating a dynamic tension that infuses new meanings into the words and images. The photographs are all starkly monochromatic, shot on black & white film and digitally transferred onto canvas. The images depict modern settings, but in their character they are reminiscent of the precision, spontaneity and delicacy of ancient Chinese black ink paintings.

The poems are English-language tanka. Like traditional Japanese tanka, each poem consists of five lines, with a syllable pattern of 5–7–5–7–7. The form of these poetography poems has a history that is centuries old, but the narratives tell stories from contemporary life. In both form and content, poetography merges traditional Chinese and Japanese cultures with modern Western culture.

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