Date: 15 October – 6 November 2010
Venue: 49 Albemarle Street, London W1S 4JR
Tel : 020 7499 1616
Web: http://www.albemarlegallery.com/

Jae-Hyo Lee’s passion is his Art. It is the work of his life, a reason for being, working with and of nature, creating beauty, inspiring others. But this is no wild, unruly passion. It is instead a passion of the heart and the head. Jae-Hyo’s sculptures and his artistic passion are based on firm foundations of serious thought and, dare we say it, intellectual analysis. It is also both “of” and “at one with” nature; a reflection of the natural world, but touched intelligently by the hand of man. It is an approach that makes Jae-Hyo a wonderful artist for any designer to work with.

As architects and designers, we at tonychi and associates are in continuous negotiations with nature to achieve balance between the natural world and man’s imprint on that world. No building lives outside its surroundings-natural or manmade; no interior design work lives apart from the building it inhabits. Jae-Hyo has shown in the entire body of his work to date that he has a deep understanding of nature and man’s place in the natural world. His philosophy and ours are therefore close.

Throughout my own years as a designer I have worked with many artists and I have been touched and inspired by many collaborators, but perhaps none more so than Jae-Hyo. His use of natural materials, his understanding of nature’s rhythms, his sense of scale, his artistic abilities all come together in his work to produce something outstanding. Sometimes, in the presence of his work, I feel like earth and heaven have truly collided. There is a true earthiness mixed with a sense of the divine.

Above all else, Jae-Hyo’s work celebrates life and nature. His use of natural materials, such as timber, stone and metals in a bold architectural format are unique. His juxtaposition of these materials to produce dynamic formations and often exaggerated geometrical shapes make his works stunning and engaging. Just as an architect-designer seeks to create a unique ambience in each and every design. Jae-Hyo’s works add that special something to any space.

As a sculptor of unbounded ideas and wonderful skills, Jae-Hyo plans his works with a purity of spirit and executes them in an inspired fashion. Whether contemplated alone or in a crowded public place Jae-Hyo’s works prod the senses and provide enormous pleasure. His innovative and intelligent use of natural materials-the celebrative transformation of falling leaves perhaps or the suggestive loneliness of an abandoned log-can awaken long suppressed emotions. He truly exhibits life in his art.

Riviewed by Tony Chi

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