London Korean Film Festival 2016 Teaser Screening: The Throne (2015) + QnA with Director Lee Joon-ik


Throughout his reign (1724-1776), King Youngjo (21st king of the Joseon Dynasty) was constantly plagued by questions about his right to throne. Although the son of a King, his mother had only been a lowly-born concubine, furthermore his path to power had been accelerated by the sudden death of his half-brother King Kyoung-jong. In order to overcome such niggling doubts, Youngjo dedicated himself in all matters to becoming an infallible king. When his heir, the Crown Prince is born late in Youngjo’s life, he wishes for the prince to become a king who is fully accepted by everyone without comment. Having gained an understanding of his father’s deep-rooted sense of duty, the Crown Prince endeavours to become the perfect prince that his father desires. However, the Crown Prince soon discovers that perfection isn’t always within one’s grasp, leaving the viewer to ask ‘can their father-son relationship ever be recovered?’

Date: Monday 18 April 2016, 7pm
Venue: Regent Street Cinema
Price: £7

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