London Korean Film Festival: Bitter, Sweet, Seoul

Q&A with Park Chan-kyong


Bitter, Sweet, Seoul, a crowd sourced film is a strange yet wonderful documentary sponsored by the local Seoul government and helmed by brothers Park Chan-wook and Park Chan-kyong. Through the Seoul, Our Movie campaign over a 11,000 submissions from around the world were entered with the Park Brothers short listing and editing only 141 clips. Together these help to make a document which shows Korea’s capital, warts and all. The footage is as varied and dynamic as the city with some clips shot to professional standards to others captured through phones and other devices.

Though a daunting task to begin with Park Chan-kyong describes the work as “worth it, particularly when we found a video that had an image we had been looking for. It felt as if we had discovered a jewel”. Set to the music of both traditional Korean music and contemporary pop, Bitter, Sweet, Seoul highlights the everyman that inhabit the city, be it the Halloween mask seller in Itaewon to a woman opening a cafe to an old woman who collects recyclables off of the street, everyone is represented. Realism is what the filmmakers and campaign set out to capture as the Seoul Mayor, Park Won-soon mentions during the films premiere;”Seoul has a sad history. If we try to project only the good side, it’s not the real thing….Seoul is not a place in monotone; It has so many different colors”. If you would like to find out what the real Seoul is all about then this is the film for you.

Q & A with director. Park Chan-kyong

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Date: Tuesday 11th November 18:30
Venue: Odeon Covent Garden

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