London Korean Film Festival: Cold Eyes

Q & A with actor Jung Woo-sung


Based upon the 2007 Hong Kong thriller Eye In The Sky, Cold Eyes features female police officer Ha Yoon-ju who has an uncanny memory and set of observation skills. Thanks to her talents she is accepted into the elite Special Crime Unit who specialise in the surveillance of high profile criminals. Tough veteran, Hwang Sang-jun, is enlisted to mentor Yoon-ju who is known for his recklessness but legendary animal-like senses and intuition.Though the pair’s hot tempers leads to them butting heads, they soon form a strong bond while tracking down their newest and biggest target. James is the cold-hearted and cruel leader of an armed criminal organisation who uses his unmatched intelligence to evade all of the Unit’s tactics. Even with all of their technology and special skills are Yoon-ju and Sang-jun up to the challenge in bringing this criminal mastermind to justice?

Though the project had its detractors from its onset the film quickly fulfilled all the filmmakers wildest dreams drawing over five million viewers in less than thirty days. The film did not only see success at the box office but toured some of the world’s biggest film festivals and won lead actress Han Hyo-joo The Best Actress award at the 34rd Blue Dragon Film Awards.

Q & A with actor Jung Woo-sung

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Date: Friday 14th November 19:00
Venue: London Odeon West End

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