London Korean Film Festival: Hwayi: A Monster Boy

Q&A with Lee Jung-dong


Hwayi is a boy who lives on small farm in a small village. From the outside Hwayi might seem like every other teenager but he is not. Unlike most families Hwayi has been raised by five fathers who are infamous criminals. There is the cold-hearted leader; Suk-tae, the stuttering Ki-tae, the thinker Jin-sun, the action man Dong-beom and the firearms expert Beom-soo. Each bring their own specialities to the table and Hwayi is taught all of these. One day the group accepts a contract to kill a man named Lim and his wife. The group of assassins feel as if something is not right about this assignment but Suk-tae is adamant to fulfil the contract and to bring Hwayi on the mission. Nervous Hwayi enters the victims house and is forced to kill his target, but he discovers a photography of a boy that looks incredibly familiar. This revelation will change everything forever.

He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.” These words from Friedrich Nietzsche gives the audience a complete understanding of what to expect of Hwayi. This action and emotionally packed film sees the long awaited return of filmmaker Jang Joon-hwan. The director debuted with the cult and critically loved film Save the Green Planet in 2003 yet disappeared, but thankfully this darkly imaginative filmmaker has returned with another off-kilter, unusual and stirring action film.

Q & A with producer, Lee Jun-dong

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Date: Saturday 8th November 13:30
Venue: London Odeon West End

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