London Korean Film Festival: Under the Sky of Seoul Under the Sky of Seoul

Introduction by Dr. Mark Morris


Doctor Kim Hak-gyu is a cantankerous old man who is the longest living householder in a small village in Seoul. He often causes domestic trouble by being nasty to his wife and his children. Kim Hyeon-ok a daughter of a young widow who runs local Beauty Shop, is in love with Choi Du-yeol, an obstetrician across the street. Kim Hak-gyu has great distaste for western medicine, and at the same time, is jealous of the obstetrician. He always gets in the way of Choi Du-yeol. Kim’s son, Hyeon-gu dates Jeomryae, a daughter of a bar owner. When Jeomryae gets pregnant, Hyeon-gu plans to marry her only to enrage his father who rejects their relationship and kicks his son out. While busy deliberating on ways to hinder Du-yeol with his friends Park Ju-sa, a physiognomist, and Roh Mong-hyun, a real-estate agent, Kim comes across the news that Choi will be running for city mayor and runs in the election himself. Will defeating his self imposed nemesis ever bring Kim Hak-gyu happiness?

Under the Sky of Seoul creates a sophisticated comedy with themes of transition contrasting the differences between the old and the new weaving in the sensitive and topical issue of the time. The opening sequence, introduces the film’s characters by moving fluidly through the narrow alleyway of the neighbourhood, is a great exam of the skill the classic Korean director Lee Hyung-pyo wielded even in his first film.

Introduction with Dr. Mark Morris

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Date: Tuesday 11th November 20:30
Venue: Odeon Covent Garden

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