London Korean Film Night: A Bittersweet Life (2005)

CARAT bittersweet.fh11

Hot on the heels of revenge thrillers such as Oldboy, Lee Byung-hun bursts onto the screen as Kim Sun-woo, a ranking gangster, While managing a posh hotel Sun-woo has learned to appreciate the finer things in life but still lets his fists fly when it is needed, or at the behest of his boss, Kang, who Sun-woo is passionately loyal to. However, when he is given the task of finding out if Kang’s young mistress, Hee-soo, is seeing another man, Sun-woo starts to reconsider his lonely existence. He discovers that Kang’s suspicions are true and knowing what will happen to her, Sun-woo attempts to cover up the affair. His actions put life in danger when Kang learns of what his loyal employee has done.

Director: Kim Jee-woon
Running Time: 120
Screening Date: December 04, 2014
Theatre: Korean Cultural Centre UK

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