London Korean Film Night: Burmese On The Roof (2016)

In the industrial suburb of Masoek we find three foreign workers sharing a prefab hut built on their factory’s rooftop. This documentary offers a gaze into their lives, shifting its focus away from issues often associated with immigrants, taking a look at their personalities and everyday existence instead. Through very concise interviews, their plans and the challenges they face are slowly unveiled. We learn about the sacrifices they make for their families and their longing to return to a country that offers an uncertain future. We also witness both the camaraderie and the frictions that arise from living with strangers in such a confined space.
These dignifying human portraits are crafted with an austere visual style, complemented with a strong sense of place through distinct urban landscapes. And whilst we never learn these men’s full names, the film ensures they will not remain anonymous. (Roberto Gonzalez)

Directors: Oh Hyun-jin, Ko Duhyin
Cast: Soe, Tommy, Joe
Running Time: 90 min / Eng Subs
Event Date: 27 April, 7:00pm
Location: KCCUK
Booking: Free admission, booking essential. To reserve your place, please RSVP to

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