London Korean Film Night: Festival (1996)


Lee Joonsup is a famous writer in his 40s. One day he is informed that his mother who has been ill for a number of years has just passed away. Before he goes to his mother’s house in the countryside to assist with the funeral, he is busy cancelling all his appointments and telling everyone about his mother’s death. A journalist, Jang Haerim, comes to the funeral to write an article about Joonsup’s literary world seen through this family incident. The funeral starts and enmity among the family of the deceased deepens as Joonsup’s niece, Yongsoon, arrives. When the funeral ends, however, all the relatives cherish the wisdom and love of life of Joonsup’s deceased mother.

Director: Im Kwon Teak
Running Time: 108
Screening Date: 6.30pm, May 11, 2015
Theatre: Royal College of Art (Battersea)

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