London Korean Film Night: Happy End (1999)


Min-gi is a banker who gets laid off after six years of service. Although he is under a constant sense of uneasiness, he lives his leisurely new life without the stress of work, thanks to the successful career of his wife Bo-ra. Meanwhile Bo-ra is having an adulterous affair with her college sweetheart Il-beom from whom she was seperated when he left for the military. Although she treasures her family and desires to keep it together, she is moved by Il-beom’s love and by the sweet reminiscence of her youth. Soo, Min-gi descovers their intimate relationship, which brings about much pain and confusion among the three. All three dream of the possibility of a happy ending, bringing about an unexpected outcome.

Director: JUNG Jiwoo
Running Time: 100min (Eng Sub, Cert 18)
Screening Date: 7pm, August 22, 2013
Theatre: Digital Archive, KCCUK

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