London Korean Film Night: Memento Mori (1999)


Min-ah discovers a purple diary. As she reads through the pages, she realizes it is a journal exchanged between Hyo-shin and Shee-eun. Min-ah suspects something more than friendsship going on between the two, and her suspicion becomes stronger as she discovers them in the school’s medical room where she was seeking refuge to read the journal. Hyo-shin’s sudden death evokes a series of strange occurences to which the journal contributes. Eventually, the school is transformed from its rather tranquil exterior of rules and regulations, into a place of morbid carnivalesque, as if ‘Memento Mori’ written in the journal meaning, ‘remember the dead’ has come to life.

Director: Kim Tae-yong
Running Time: 97
Screening Date: June 25, 2015 / 7pm
Theatre: Korean Cultural Centre UK

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