London Korean Film Night: Mister Mama (1992)


Hyung-joon who believes cooking, cleaning and looking after a baby is solely a job for women gets a rude awakening. He wakes up to the cries of his son Sang-ah and discovers that his wife has left him. He has no choice but to gather his son’s nappy bag and take him to work. Soon his colleagues get used to the cries of the baby, and Hyung-joon becomes very good at taking care of his son. The only female employee, Young-joo, helps Hyung-joon look after Sang-ah when Hyung-joon has to pull overtime, and the two become close. Young-joo realises that her boyfriend, Hae-seok, the seemingly perfect guy, thinks he has a claim on her and breaks up with him. She then returns to Hyung-joon and Sang-ah…

Director: Kang Woo-suk
Running Time: 102
Screening Date: 7pm / February 12, 2015
Theatre: Korean Cultural Centre UK

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