London Korean Film Night: No.3


This is an action comedy that harshly criticizes society, through the complaints that lower-class people have against a world where the privileged win everything. Tae-Ju is a wandering gangster of the Do-Gang Family. He becomes the Number Three for helping the Family boss destroy a conspiracy. Five years later, Number Two Jae-Cheol and Number Three Tae-Ju turn into rivals. Tae-Ju who is gentle and soft is pushed by Jae-Cheol who is always simple and violent. Tae-Ju takes over the organization’s most important job; managing a hotel. However, famous prosecutor Ma Dong-Tak nicknamed ‘nuclear bomb’, becomes an obstacle for Tae-Ju. He tries to win over the prosecutor but fails. Meanwhile, Tae-Ju’s wife Hyun-Ji, who aspires to become a poetess has a love affair with a third-rate poet named Rang-bo. Tae-Ju’s orphanages pal, Dong-Gi goes through a number of hectic, hellish exercises to form an organization called the ‘Bull-Sa Family’, and vows vengeance…

Date: Aug 25 2016, 7pm
Venue: KCCUK

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