London Korean Film Festival: Obsessed


In 1969, at the end of the Vietnam War, a war hero, Colonel Kim Jin-pyong looks to accept his reward upon returning home with a promotion to General. With a beautiful wife, a promising career and distinguished war record Jin-pyong should be revered but only finds himself surrounded by petty jealousy and envy. After returning the Colonel begins to feel the affects of post traumatic stress, something his wife dismisses.One day Captain Kyung Woo-jin is transferred into Jin-pyong’s army and moves next door with his wife Ga-heun. Jin-pyong sees that Ga-heun is different from all the other officer’s wives and instantly falls in love with her. Though she is indifferent to the Colonel to begin with she eventually opens up to him after Jin-pyong saves her from a near fatal accident. He learns that Ga-heun’s marriage is more or less a sham as the couple see themselves more as a brother and sister after Ga-heun was adopted by Woo-jin’s family. Jin-pyong manages to woo Ga-heun with the two indulging in their deepest desires but how long can the two keep their affair a secret?

Director and screenwriter Kim Dae-woo has produced a number of successful lust filled movies with Untold Scandal, Forbidden Quest and The Servant and his latest feature, Obsessed being no different.The films stays in the tradition of director Dae-woo’s past work by unveils a rarely seen period of Korean history with the late Sixties. This was a defining age for South Korea as the country experienced a flood of new fashions, culture, art and music, all beautifully realised in Obsessed by art director Kim Ji-su (A Werewolf Boy)

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Date: Saturday 8th November 20:00
Venue: Odeon Kingston

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