London Korean Film Night: Singles (2003) with Intro by Paul Quinn


One of the highest-grossing films from the early 2000s, this film Singles, based on the Japanese novel Christmas at Twenty-nine, is a delightful comedy drama revolving around two young single women’s friendship. Na-nan (Jang Jin-young), soon to turn 30, is at a crossroads in her life. She has been dumped by her boyfriend then got relocated to a restaurant division from the design department of her work. With her best friend Dong-mi (Uhm Jung-hwa)’s support, Na-nan manages to adjust to her new dull job and single life. Dong-mi is a successful working woman with liberal ideas about life and sex. Dong-mi, despite her tough persona faces a series of complicated life …

Date: Jun 30 2016, 7pm
Venue: KCCUK

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