London Korean Film Night: Someone Special (2004)


Dong Chi-seong used to be a popular pitcher but is now in the minor league playing as an outfielder. Suddenly he loses his girlfriend and then hears from his doctor that he only has three months left. Time will heal a heartbreak they say, but Chi-seong doesn’t have time. With a shattered heart he goes to his favorite bar where he gets drunk and opens his eyes to find himself in a motel room. The bartender tells Chi-seong that he hadn’t made any mistakes while drunk, and that she had brought him to the motel ‘folded in a paper bag.’ The next day on his way back from practice, he hears a story on the radio, and it sounds familiar. His story was coming out of the radio, written by someone calling herself ‘princess Pilgi.’

*Prior to the screening, the introduction to dir. Jang Jin by Tony Rayns will be held.

Director: Jang Jin
Running Time: 107
Screening Date: August 27, 2015, 7pm
Theatre: Korean Cultural Centre UK

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