London Korean Film Night: Suddenly int he Dark of Night (1981)


Kang Yu-jin is a leading specialist in the biological field. While collecting butterflies, he finds a rare breed and brings it home. His wife Sun-hi is glad to have her husband for the night and the next day sees a strange wooden doll amongst her husband’s films and begins to feel strange. Returning from a trip to the country side, he brings home Mi-ok, the daughter of a shaman priestess. Sun-hi finds the same doll in Mi-ok’s clothes and begins to get suspicious and finally deranged. She goes mad one day and tries to get rid of Mi-ok and accidentally causes Mi-ok to fall to her death. But from then on, Sun-hi is tormented by visions of the wooden doll attacking her.

Director: KO Yeong-nam
Running Time: 107min (Eng Sub, Cert 18)
Screening Date: July 18, 2013
Theatre: Digital Archive

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