London Maum Meditation to Relocate It’s Centre to a Central Area

London Maum Meditation has announced that its New Malden centre will be moved to a central area due to its high popularity.

“Maum Meditation began in November 1996. Currently, there are 152 meditation centres located throughout the world where over 300,000 people have practised cleaning the mind and body using the simple and precise method to become Truth,” said Kwang Jae Kim, helper of London Maum Meditation.
“Maum Meditation distinctly defines the mind as an accumulation of pictures stored within the body and mind. These pictures are made up of memories of past experiences. They are taken with these eyes, ears, nose, and body and stored in the mind throughout life. The pictures mould us into the pattern of thinking, how we react, and habitual behaviour that is not our true self. These pictures stored in the mind hold the emotions, thoughts and attachments to people, places and things. They create the individual’s ‘Picture World’. As you practise Maum Meditation, you will realise the mind that was filled with pictures from the past being cleansed, eliminating all burdens. You will live in freedom,” he continued.
“As I read the flyer, I thought maybe this was the question that I wanted to answer for all my life,” said, Meelis Sei, a student of Maum Mediation in London.
“The flyer made me more curious about Maum Meditation, so I went to a free seminar the next day. The seminar was a little bit hard to understand at the beginning, but it was very interesting. The seminar was all about finding the true self in me by cleansing my mind. The method to mind cleansing was very easy. As weeks passed by, my mental condition got better and better. The panic attacks disappeared with my crazy thoughts as I continued to practice Maum Meditation”, he continued.
“My ‘roller coaster moodiness’ was gone too. Also I became stable and relaxed. Now I wake up full of happiness with gratitude for lights and air. I don’t feel tired and exhausted in the morning anymore. Working at the restaurant became easy and relaxed. After only three months of Maum Meditation, I changed so much that I could not believe it! My friends were surprised and happy about my changes,” Sei added.

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