Love Fiction (2012) reviewed by Wai Lu Yin

Director: Jeon Gye-Soo
Casts: Ha Jung-Woo, Kong Hyo-Jin, Lee Byung-Joon, Ji Jin-Hee, Choi Won-Tae
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Certi: 15 (South Korea)
Run time: 121 minutes

Previously, when I saw two ‘Love Fiction’ trailers, I said to myself that I definitely want to watch this when I have the chance. Now, I have the opportunity to watch this film which is shown at the Apollo Cinema for the London Korean Film Festival 2012.

An unknown novelist, Ju-Wol (Ha Jung-Woo), suffering from a writer’s block, which means he has been cracking his head on what to write in his novel. He wants to get an inspiration to write his novel. An inspiration called ‘LOVE’. Suddenly, he met the perfect ‘woman’ named Hee-Jin (Kong Hyo-Jin) at the book expo. From there, it is the start of a beautiful relationship.

Throughout this film, it portrays the men’s troubles about love and relationship. Ju-Wol tries to maintain a good love relationship with Hee-Jin by being an understandable and tolerance boyfriend. At the same time, he is also trying to put his ideas into his writing for the upcoming novel. You could say he is trying to handle two roles: boyfriend and novelist. In my opinion, it does somehow reflect men in modern society who are also having love and relationship problems. Agree? Not only women have problems with men but also men have problems with women in relationships. For example, Hee-Jin revealed some bad habits such as revealing her armpit hair to Ju-Wol while they make love. According to the director, Jeon Gye-Soo, he said that he take the ‘armpit hair’ scene as a symbol of testing men’s tolerance in relationship including their perceptions’ toward their girlfriends’ personalities and habits. In this film, there were a lot of Ju-Wol’s monologues, fantasies, and his conversations with his imaginary character, M, which portrays his worries and doubts about love and relationship. Overall, the main actors, Ha Jung-Woo and Kong Hyo-Jin, portrays the characters really well while being funny at the same time. It is a wonderful collaboration with the director and main actors to exchange their opinions about how to portray love and relationship scenarios that would capture the viewers’ attention. There are some scenes that I laugh, including the armpit hair scene, while there are some scenes that I find it romantic. Also, there are some scenes about the relationships that might be similar to viewers who also in these kind of situations.

There is one thing that I am curious about. Since Ju-Wol get his inspiration in writing a novel through love, I asked Jeon Gye-Soo what inspired him to create great films like ‘Love Fiction’. His answer is this: ‘I got inspiration through world music. For example, I got an inspiration to create ‘Love Fiction’ after listening to a Belgium guitarist song – Jungle Fever, sung by The Chakachas, a Belgian based group.’ I believe that every single element that we gain through experiences does give us inspirations to create ideas that are truly outstanding.

‘Love Fiction’ is a must-see film to have some laughter and romance. It is a must-see to understand about men’s troubles with love and relationship.

Rating: 4.5/5

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