Love Phobia (2004)

Director: Kang Ji Eun
Casts: Cho Seung Woo, Kang Hye Jung, Byeon Ju Yeon, and Park Geon Tae
Genre: Melodrama and Romance
Running Time: 117 minutes

A Ri came to her new school wearing a yellow raincoat because she can spread ‘bad luck’ if anyone touches her. Because of that, her classmates are afraid of her. Yet, Jo Kang (Park Geon Tae) is not afraid of her. Jo Kang starts to fall in love with A Ri because of her cute personality. However, as they got closer, A Ri disappears. 10 years later, during their high school years, Jo Kang (Cho Seung Woo) receives a call from A Ri (Kang Hye Jung). He meets A Ri, who lives in a Buddhist temple. They got even closer while hanging out together. He falls in love with her again and shares their first kiss together. Later on, A Ri disappears again. Five years later, A Ri looks for Jo Kang again but she tells him that she is going to the US the next day. Jo Kang sends her off to the airport. Yet, a few days later, they meet again at a particular place.

A sweet couple which makes your heart flutter but sometimes you feel like why can’t they just be together and forever. When you feel that they will officially become a couple, something comes in between them. That makes you want to sigh and clap at the same time. They deserve to be together. A Ri has the quirky personality while Jo Kang is a lovely guy. Jo Kang is such a sweet guy in creating lovely events for A Ri. He has tried his best to make A Ri to be his girlfriend but she pulls away. That is because A Ri doesn’t want Jo Kang to get hurt. I love how the couple are still having the ‘push and pull’ love relationship since childhood until adults. It’s a really long one but a romantic one, too.

Another point which is quite interesting is when putting ‘aliens’ concept in this film. Imagination sure runs wild when A Ri believes that the ‘mother’ of another planet will come and pick her up. Also, she has the ‘special power’ that makes people afraid of her. Jo Kang is not afraid of her because his love for her is strong. He does everything he can to make her happy. It is a great idea to put imagination into this film so that it will be more interesting.
The reason why I enjoyed this film is because the imagination is a metaphor of their current reality. Also, I love how the love at first sight slowly turns into real love. I also enjoyed how Jo Kang creates romantic events for A Ri. I was in tears when A Ri has to leave. Overall, the film makes my heart flutter with excitement and anxiety.

Rating: 8/10

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