Manhwa – Korean Story and Painting 2012, The Colours of Korean Comics

Between Thursdays 1st – Wednesday 21st November the Korean Cultural Centre UK(KCCUK) in London will be hosting an exhibition to showcase selected works of Korean comic artists providing an insight into Korea's diverse history and culture. Among the works will be recognisable artists such as Min-Woo Hyung, creator of the international best-seller Priest, adapted into a Hollywood movie, respected pioneer Doo-Ho Lee and other modern Manhwa masters including Jung-Hyun Seok (The Ghost 2006), Jung-Taek Che (Mr.Kimchi 2012, awarded Korean Wave Animation Fund)and popular webcomic artist Jude Friday. The exhibition is a world tour of 47 original paintings by 19 celebrated Korean comic book artists.

Date: 1 – 21 November
Date: Korean Cultural Centre UK│Grand Buildings, 1-3 Strand, London WC2N 5BW

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