Michi-Go by Gdragon


After releasing his digital song Michi-Go (audio), GDragon once again releases another MV 3weeks ago. As expected, GDragon release a Crazy but Fun MV like Crayon and One of a Kind. In the video you can see different personas of GD, like one with the big feet, the rocker and one who looks like Michael Jackson and many more. G-Dragon (GD), forever wowing us with his ability to come up with something even more bizarre than the last thing he did. Since One of a Kind, GD has released MVs that are so very off -the-wall it is difficult to decide if they are create another wow video or not. While the MVs are unique in that they don’t resemble others in the K-pop industry, they resemble each other so closely that GD’s new “Cray-on” image is beginning to feel like a parody of itself.

For people who follow GD and the YG Entertainment family, there are a number of cameos that made the MV enjoyable. Teddy, Se7en, and Taeyang all participated in this MV, although that wasn’t particularly original either since GD has taken to including people in his MVs since “One of a Kind.” Still, it was nice for Se7en fans to get a last goodbye before he leaves for the army.


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