Miryang Arirang – Legend of Miryang 2


In 2001, plans were unveiled for the building of 52 765kV-transmission towers in the rural community of Miryang, to transfer electricity from a nuclear power plant to city areas. Initially, residents of the idyllic area paid little heed to the news but as they gradually realised the devastating impact the towers would have on their lives and livelihoods as simple farmers, they began to speak out. Not only did their words fall on deaf ears but democratic procedures were ignored and the (mostly elderly) villagers began to see their land taken from them and the construction expedited by force. documents the villagers’ plight, follows their increasingly desperate efforts to prevent the towers from being built and deftly details the often violent dangers they face at the hands of corporate authorities and the law.

By Paul Quinn

Film info
2015. Directed by Park Bae-il, starring Kim Young-ja, Park Eun-suk, Kim Mal-hea, Son Hee-keong, 106 mins.

King’s College London (Strand), 11 Nov 15 6:00 pm

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