Music Review: One Shot – B.A.P

B.A.P is BACK! And this time they’re having Bigger, Bolder and Stronger image like before. When you viewed the teaser, before you watched the MV you’ll definitely agree with me. And it was very realistic the scenes were in actual locations and there is story line.

Jongup met up with Yongguk outside of their place. After greeting each other, a stranger (mob/gangster) used a pole and hit Jongup in the head. The gangster then threw a flash-drive at Yongguk while Yongguk tried to shake Jongup up. The B.A.P members were supposed to have a usual meet up but Youngjae was not there. Zelo then passed the flash-drive to Yongguk. Inside the flash-drive contained a video of Youngjae being tortured and beaten up, kidnapped and held hostage. The kidnappers/gangsters demanded $10,000,000. The boys then started to plan on how to get the money. Zelo and Yongguk also went to survey and see the area. Jongup and Daehyun went to get some guns. Himchan was repairing and most likely enhancing their vehicle’s engines. Determined to rescue and save Youngjae, Yongguk grabbed his chain with a cross and kissed it, promising and praying that he can rescue Youngjae.

At night, 2 security officers from the bank were loading stashes of cash into the security vehicle. Yongguk, standing and watching the security vehicle, then notified the rest of the B.A.P members when they were about to leave. The boys whacked the security officers up, stole the key and robbed the money. With sufficient money, B.A.P met up with the kidnappers at the train station. Yongguk dropped the briefcase of money; the kidnapper stepped forward and opened the briefcase. He nodded to the leader and the gangsters released Youngjae. However, the kidnapper’s leader suddenly gave the heads up and one of the kidnappers shot Youngjae straight in the chest. With revenge in mind, the boys started to fire back at the kidnappers. Almost everybody was down except the kidnapper leader. He grabbed the briefcase and tried to escape but Yongguk was not dead yet and shot the leader.

However, there is a twist at the end, (and I thought that, the boys are already dead, but they’re not,). As Youngjae was successfully rescued, the SWAT team arrived at the location. One of the SWAT members saluted to Youngjae and handed him Youngjae’s police officer warrant badge. It was revealed that Youngjae pretended to be in Yongguk’s gang and also placed tracking devices in their clothes. He also tricked the gangsters by promising that the will backstab Yongguk’s gang. As a result, the SWAT was able to arrest both the kidnappers and Yongguk’s gang.

The Scenes:
I’m very proud to say that some of the scenes in the Music Video is been filmed here in the Philippines, and it’s in Muntinlupa City and Pasay City (Baclaran).

Really love the first setting where the boys are just chilling, enjoying some wine and grapes. The setting at the airbase was cool. The setting at which they have their individual shots was really cool, and the train station really looks like nobody uses the station because there are no passengers at all, and as if trains just pass through it .

The Dance:
As always, B.A.P is known for their POWERFUL dance moves, like in Power, Warrior and No Mercy. But they did it again. B.A.P is one of the most powerful dances that we’ve known for this year. The dance that looks like they were doing really good is the push up it was super cool when you saw it. Basically, the one which he lie down on his back and was making sharp wavy movements. He also did the scorpion dance that was in Infinite. And I can’t wait for their live performance.

The Song:
They have really really nice Lyrics, and it was so cool that I saw all the members have their equal part on the MV. As always, Zelo and Yongguk’s rapping were totally amaze me once again, it was really synchronized and it gives me chills all the time. All of the members gave their best in the MV and it was daebak.

To watch the full One Shot MV here’s the link:

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