My Wife is a Gangster (2001)

Director: Jo Jin Gyu
Casts: Shin Eun Kyung, Park Sang Myeon, Ahn Jae Mo, Choi Eun Ju, Kim In Kwon, Shim Won Cheol, and Choi Min Su
Genre: Comedy and Action
Running Time: 110 minutes
Certi: 18 (South Korea)

Eun Jin (Shin Eun Kyung), known as ‘Mantis’, is the second in command in the gangster organisation. Although she looks tough and beautiful, she doesn’t have the feminine personality. One day, she found her long lost sister in the hospital and she is really ill. Her sister’s last wish is that Eun Jin to get married before she dies. However, Eun Jin doesn’t know how as she has been living her life in the gangster world. Eun Jin asks her henchmen to find a guy that she can marry immediately. Finally, they found a nice guy, Kang Soo Il (Park Sang Myeon). He looks naïve and chubby but Eun Jin wants to marry him to fulfil her sister’s wish. After the wedding, Eun Jin hides her secret from her husband while she battles against the rival gang from taking her territory away. Eun Jin has to encounter even more complicated situation because her sister asks her to have a baby.

Eun Jin is going through life as a woman. She, who has been living her life as a gangster, slowly realizes how not only to be feminine, but also the meaning of love and happiness to her closed ones, including her husband. She has to handle three roles: as a gangster leader, as a wife, and as a sister. It’s really complicated for her to handle these roles but she starts to realize the importance about love and family. Even though she looks rough on the outside, but she still has a heart but is yet to show her love towards her husband. On the other hand, even though Soo Il looks a bit naïve, he stills try his very best to give his love and affection to Eun Jin. No matter what she does to him, he stills accept her the way she is and patiently holds his anger towards her.

In the gangster world, we can see that there is a lot going on between the two teams. There are two things you’ll notice: (1) how they talk and (2) if talk didn’t work, then they have to fight. That’s how the gangster world runs. Eun Jin is one strong lady who can fight against the baddies. I was impressed with most of the action scenes. Sometimes, I cringed when does the most amazing fighting moves on the rival gangs. I wonder how much she has practice to make these fighting moves eye-catching. It must be tiring for her to be hit and using so much strength to fight with other casts.

A feminine gangster leader who has to go through ups and downs in the gangster world and her own personal life has made me enjoyed this film very much. The gangster henchmen were funny and entertaining. The gangster world is interesting with a little bit of comedic elements. The most interesting thing about this film is how a lady, who is a tomboy, slowly develops and realizes the meaning of love, happiness, and family. Eun Jin is a rose with thorns who slowly blooming.

Rating: 8/10

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