New Year, New Music

The New Year seems to be flying by as we work our way through February. Sometimes with the hype and fanfare attributed to mainstream artists in the Korean music scene it is difficult to take notice of artists doing great work. Luckily 2013 has seen some of my favourite bands and musicians coming back with new and exciting music.

The Rock Tigers – Shut Up and Deal


The wonderful Velvet Geena and her band of rockers are back with a new album titled ‘Shut Up and Deal’. They also released their new video for their first single ‘Come Back’.

The video like the song is slow paced with an easy rhythm as Geena sings of a broken love story. We all know the confused feelings that arise when a relationship turns sour and Geena channels the pain and anger perfectly in her voice. The song starts with harsh criticism regarding mistakes the lover has made and the impact these have caused on the relationship. She no longer wants to be with him telling him to leave. However as the song progresses the realisation that the lover will no longer be present and the emptiness this causes is too much to bare.

The tide turns and she longs for him to come back into her life and at this point Geena’s voice takes on a sense of longing. This is not only a great song to listen to but the video is the perfect visual showcasing the slightly melancholic feel that the song portrays, The album is definitely worth checking out and is available in all good record shops in Korea. For us international fans you can purchase the album on their website.

The album will also be available on download on ITunes and Amazon soon.

Jean Oh – Zero


The talented guitarist is back as part of the band E Sang with their album titled ‘Zero’. His previous album Discovery has recently been nominated for the Best Jazz performance in 2012 click here to find out more about his nomination (the link is in Korean).

The theme for new album Zero as Jean explains is about “Korean’s self-consciousness being consumed with others’ judgements and opinions. This produces fake consciousness, where we mistakenly believe that what is fake is reality.” The album was released on the 7th of February. Check out a promotional video below:

To find out more about his music go to his website.

Clazziquai – Love Recipe/Blessed


Clazziquai, the electronic lounge heavyweights have come back in 2013 with new album ‘Blessed’. After being on hiatus for a long time this album comes as a pleasant surprise for Clazziquai fans that were waiting and longing for their return. The group had released a digital single in December last year ‘Can’t go on my Own’ which was used in the drama ‘Can we get married?’ The title single from the album is ‘Love Recipe’.

This is Clazziquai at their best, bringing great music from DJ Clazzi and the perfect harmony of voices from singers Horan and Alex. There has been an evolution but it is clear to see that Clazziquai have managed to retain their sound even after all these years. The song itself is not only beautiful to listen to but it also has a strong message. We are all different and experience different lives but it is through these differences that creates love. No matter the ‘recipe’ we use, we can all get that love feeling. It was wonderful to see different faces throughout the video which intersected between Alex and Horan’s performances. To find out more about the album and their latest news check out their website.

What are your favourite new releases? Leave us a comment below or you can tweet me @theonemimi

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