Nice Guy Episode 2 Review

Episode Recap

Ma Ru continues on until Eun Ki is able to breathe. He leaves Jae Hee alone while she stares as he returns to the coach class. When he’s at the coach class, he struggle to catch his breath and stay on foot. After the plane lands, Jae Hee accompanies Eun Ki on the way to the hospital. She is still shocked to meet Ma Ru on the plane.

Ma Gu drives silently while Jae Gil chatters away from the back seat. He knew that the woman in first class was Jae Hee. He tried to tell Ma Ru before that there’d been rumours of her marrying a businessman but Ma Ru didn’t listen. Jae Gil adds that Jae Hee used to visit Ma Ru in prison frequently but her visits became less and less until she stop visiting him. However, he believes that Ma Ru was not the murderer because he went out to meet Jae Hee that night. Also, killing doesn’t fit Ma Ru’s character. Ma Ru slams on the breaks and snaps back at Jae Gil that he’s not his personal chauffeur. Ma Ru leaves the car while Jae Gil shouts at him because he doesn’t know how to drive.

We look back into how Ma Ru and Jae Hee met. In their childhood, Jae Hee comes running from a boy who’s chasing her. Jae Hee is injured with beatings and bruises. Ma Ru tends her wounds and he adds that he dreams to become a doctor. They introduce themselves and smiles. Then, fast forward. They’re in college. Jae Hee is envy that a rich girl keeps going. That girl will be lucky to have Ma Ru but Ma Ru casually replies as what Jae Hee thinks. Ma Ru asks if Jae Hee can grab on to Ma Ru. Jae Hee happily says yes and makes him pinky promise that she’ll never betray her so that they’ll be together for a thousand years.

Back to the present, Ma Ru sees the street stall where he used to spend time eating with Jae Hee together. He mentally tells himself that there’s no point turning bad to the same Ma Ru. He lets the past of himself and Jae Hee walk away. He struggles not to look back into the past.

Joon Ha finds Eun Ki eating friend chicken while doing her work at her hospital room. Even though Ma Ru save her life but Eun Ki points out that he wasn’t an actual doctor and she could have died. She did her research and finds that the doctor is an imposter and Jae Hee might have some relations with him. She receives a call from a spy who report that Jae Hee took one million dollars from the bank. She orders the spy to see what Jae Hee is going to do with that money.

Eun Ki’s spy follows Jae Hee who heads back to her old neighbourhood. She dresses in riches and brings lots of gifts. She stops to see an image of her childhood-self waiting in front of Ma Ru’s house. Then, she hears a commotion in that house. An angry husband demands to know where Ma Ru is and Jae Gil calmly explain that it isn’t possible that Ma Ru would sleep with a married woman since gigolos have principles. The wife confesses that it was all a misunderstanding and that she only had pictures of Ma Ru on her phone. Ma Ru has a huge fan base. Jae Gil breaks a plank of wood on his head to keep his cool which is funny. Then, the wife wonders that she can be with Ma Ru if she filed a divorce which sends both married couple leaving the house. Jae Hee asks Jae Gil if the cause of the fight was Ma Ru and what Ma Ru has been doing in his life.

Ma Ru brings Choco to visit the doctor. The doctor says that she’s much better than before. Choco still mouths to her mother that she’s still sick. She keeps saying that while they leave the hospital and Ma Ru is used to her whining for being sick. Once he tells her that she’s not allowed to go drinking and clubbing, she bursts out of anger that she should have just died back then. She reminds him that he abandoned her and went to Jae Hee. She blames him for letting her suffering this pain. If she dies, it’ll be his fault. After a while, she turns back and asks her brother to give her a piggyback ride.

Meanwhile, Jae Gil explains to Jae Hee why Ma Ru works as a gigolo. Ma Ru has to pay off his father’s debt and Choco’s constant medical bills. Also, no one will hire ex-convicts. While Ma Ru carries Choco home, Jae Gil explains that the only reason Ma Ru is alive is because of Choco. However, he’s still dead inside. Jae Gil asks why God is so cruel to Ma Ru. She asks him why they haven’t moved out from the neighbourhood and he answers that because of her. Ma Ru worried that if he moved, then Jae Hee might not be able to find him. He waited for her every day.

By the time Ma Ru reaches home, Jae Hee left. After putting Choco to bed, Jae Gil hands him an envelope of money from Jae Hee and adds that she said she was repaying her debt to him. It’s a lot of money. Ma Ru grabs the envelope and runs out to catch up with Jae Hee. However, he couldn’t find her and he crushes the money in his fist.

Jae Hee drives away while thinking about the murder incident at the motel. After they were outside the door, Ma Ru gave Jae Hee his shirt and she hugged him as she swore that she would repay the debt for the rest of her life. At present, she sits hunched over the sterring wheel in the parked car while getting her sense back.
At the yard, Eun Ki greets Jae Hee when she arrives home. She explains that she snuck out of the hotel. Her tone is scary while she forced herself to smile. She asks Jae Hee why she let a medical student dropout to take care of her. Then, she asks her about taking out the money from the bank and gives it to that person. She adds that there are spies following Jae Hee since her own mother was kicked out of the house and passed away. Eun Ki vows to get revenge by finding Jae Hee’s weakness so she can be kicked out just like her mother. Jae Hee tries to counter that her words are harsh. When Eun Ki talks about releasing the photos of Jae Hee bringing the money to Ma Ru, Jae Hee tries to cover up by saying she gave him the money to thank him for saving Eun Ki’s life but Eun Ki laughs out as she doesn’t believe a single word. She turns the story around by saying that Jae Hee paid the money to Ma Ru to kill Eun Ki. Finally, Jae Hee brings out her weapon. She lied to Eun Ki that Ma Ru threatened her with the scandalous secret of Eun-ki getting slapped with a drug possession charge seven years ago.

Eun Ki thinks about the drug incident. Eun Ki fell for the guy who promised to ask his dad to help her company’s financial situation. At present, she gives the call to that guy. She hears his wife and baby at the other end of the phone which breaks her heart. She tells him that she didn’t take the fall for him in order to save her father’s company, but because she loved him. Then, she hangs up the phone. When he calls her back, Eun Ki drops the phone into the aquarium.

On a rainy day, Ma Ru picks up a call from Jae Gil. Jae Gil is happily having a good time with his new girlfriend. He claims that he’ll be gone for a week, which Ma Ru shrugs off.

Eun Ki’s family are having dinner with two lawyers. After her father gets carted off in a wheelchair, Eun Ki shares a glance with Joon Ha before she says the ‘good’ news. She has reported Ma Ru to the police for threatening Jae Hee so Jae Hee is in big trouble.

Ma Ru goes to the house to return Jae Hee’s money. He couldn’t press the doorbell so he puts the envelope, with a note, in the mailbox instead.

He gets a call from Choco and Ma Ru runs back home because the police arrived. They informed him that Jae Hee has brought blackmail charges against him and he’s under arrest. Choco runs after them in the rain and begs them to not take Ma Ru away. Ma Ru tries to calm her down but she shouts what if she dies. Then, Ma Ru bursts out his anger and asks her to die. Ma Ru says coldly which catch Choco by surprise.

Jae Hee has to go to the police station to confirm her statement with Ma Ru. When Ma Ru is brought into the room, he looks at her with hurt and resignation. The policeman asks her if her claim was true. After a long pause, Jae Hee points out that Ma Ru has threatened her family. In a voiceover, Ma Ru says that he’s trying to understand Jae Hee but both of them are in different worlds. So, he’s planning to forget her. Since he remains silent, the police take as a confession to his crime. Once Jae Hee arrives home, she received an envelope of money which Ma Ru returned to her.

Meanwhile, Eun Ki’s father had a huge argument with Eun Ki over business matters. Both of them have different opinions on unions. Eun Ki’s father fully disagrees while Eun Ki is willing to cooperate. Her father shatters a glass in rage which cut Eun Ki’s cheek. He tells Eun Ki that he won’t give his previous company to someone who can’t protect it. He adds that Jae Hee and Eun Suk can fill her spot. Even worse, he yells at her to run away like her mother.

Later, Jae Hee checks on Eun Ki who has a bandage on her cheek. Eun Ki knows about the hearing at the police station but due to lack of evidence or confesstion, Ma Ru will be released. However, Eun Ki isn’t planning to let him go that easy. Jae Hee tells her that Ma Ru has returned the money to her because he failed to kill Eun Ki. Jae Hee thinks she’s putting Eun Ki in her place by threatening her with the drug scandal and knows that one third of the board opposes Eun Ki’s succession because they think she’s weak. Eun Ki’s gives a cold smile as she gets the ‘daggers’ from Jae Hee.

Ma Ru is in jail the whole night while Jae Hee reads a bedtime story to her smile. Eun Ki burns the midnight oil to work and drink alcohol straight from the bottle. The next morning, Ma Ru is released and he can’t find Choco. A local ajumma tells him that Choco fainted in the rain and was taken to the hospital. Later, Ma Ru is by her bed side and he thinks about the harsh words he said to her. When he takes her hand, he also remembers her blaming him for abandoning her.

Eun Ki’s goes on a dirt-biking excursion and is joined by another rider. Suddenly, Eun Ki’s breaks are not working that she is close to the edge of a cliff. She tries but fails to skid to a halt and falls over the edge while she hangs from a branch. She starts losing her grip. Suddenly, the other rider is Ma Ru who arrives just in time to grab hold of her hand.

Point of View

Woah, Ma Ru meets Eun Ki at the end of this episode and I’m excited about it.

In this episode, we get to see each individual character’s true colours (Ma Ru, Jae Hee, and Eun Ki) before they meet and start to have an intense ‘war’.

I love how both Jae Hee and Eun Ki have ‘conversations’. It’s because how they say to each other which is like throwing weapons at each other until we see who’s going to win. Even though at first we thought that she has the ‘angelic’ look, but she sure giving the cold shoulders to Eun Ki whenever she pressed the wrong button. I know that she feels wrong for what she has done to Ma Ru but still I get so angry for what she does especially when she said that Ma Ru blackmailed her. She is giving a hard time on Ma Ru while she feels so sorry for him. That is mad but I seem to enjoy watching how this is going to last throughout this whole drama.

Eun Ki is one character which I really like. Yes, she can be very bitchy but it’s her angry eyes and the words she throws at like weapons. She does have the reason to go up against Jae Hee including the fact that her mother left the house and passed away. So, I would say I would love to continue to love and hate her in a good way because of her shocking characteristics.

At the moment, Ma Ru is having a tough time: (1) losing his past love, Jae Hee and (2) worries about his sister’s health. I love Maru’s inner monologue as he decides to let her go. Is he still going to love her or will he seek his revenge. Since we see both Eun Ki and Ma Ru meet at the end of this episode, with Eun Ki’s nasty personality, I’m sure she’ll let Ma Ru know that he needs to lighten up and be strong for what he thinks is right. Actually, both of them are on the same boat because Jae Hee. She breaks Ma Ru’s hopes and dreams and she take Eun Ki’s family away. So, do you think the both of them will successfully get their revenge on Jae Hee? Think again as we might going to see a very complicated love triangle and the obstacles which they will face along the way. Again, I’m addicted to this drama.

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