Nissan X-TRAIL Achieved NO.1 SellingG SUV for the Second Consecutive Year

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (NML) announced the sales of the X-TRAIL in FY2008 has reached to 27,001 units and achieved No.1 selling SUV for the second consecutive year.

Since the full redesigning in August, 2007, X-TRAIL has received accolades for its powerful traction and stability through Nissan’s advanced four-wheel drive system, called ALL MODE 4x4i, and highly functional interior including an amply large luggage area and heated front and rear seats, applied first in its class, with water-repellent materials.

Furthermore, a new clean diesel X-TRAIL “20GT”, the first vehicle in the world which meets Japan’s stringent “Post New Long-term Regulations”, was released in September, 2008 and its sales target has been greatly exceeded. In addition, in Japan’s new preferential tax scheme for environment-friendly vehicles, effective April 2009, a clean diesel X-TRAIL “20GT” qualifies for maximum tax break at zero tax for automobile acquisition tax and automobile weight tax.

Nissan will continuously expand the sales with the lineup of eco-friendly vehicles qualified for the new preferential tax scheme.

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