No Brain At the Scala 11th September

No Brain EPK

In England, we know a bit about Korean art music and hold some preconceptions about K-Pop – but we don’t know much about Korean rock music, and that’s where Seoul’s finest, No Brain, have built a huge following, playing over three thousand gigs across Korea in the last 15 years. Powered by raw vocals (Bull is the lead singer), razor guitars (Vovo plays guitar), sharp suits (Bogle plays bass) and a drummer called Dolly, they’ve won lots of Korean Music Awards, but never played London before. They’re expecting a young Korean audience so they’re playing an early show – support hits at 7.30, they play 8.30pm.

7pm: Doors open
7.30-8pm: Youth Club performance(30mins)
8pm-8.15pm: Interval
8.15-9.30pm: NO BRAIN performance(75mins)

1. No Way
2. Let’s get crazy (미친 듯 놀자)
3. Rock it Rocket
4. Uh-Huh (어허)
5. A Man of Sea (바다 사나이)
6. Masan Street (마산 스트릿)
7. Take Me Home (내를 델따주오)
8. Arirang Mokdong (아리랑 목동)
9. Music of the Midnight (한밤의 뮤직)
10. Rain and You (비와 당신)
11. Bad Luck
12. Hey Tonight (헤이 투나잇)
13. A Shot of Soju (소주 한 잔)
14. You’re Crushed On Me (넌 내게 반했어)

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