NO SPACE LIKE HOME at Hanmi Gallery, London

NO SPACE LIKE HOME is the exhibition, which examines the appearance of private and working zone within a living space and time of an art-worker, featuring the practice of four artists – Adrian Nettleship, Ang Song Nian, Jinwook Moon and Oliver Lee Terry, curated by Sasha Burkhanova.

Due to its ability to be capitalised, artists’ daily routine and experience is often turned into the means of art-production. The private overlaps and compromises with the nonscheduled working hours in sake of ongoing art-work. However, it is the artists’ awareness and agreement on the situation that attracts the curatorial interest. Such awareness reveals a more complex layer for addressing the economy of New Capitalism in Art, where even the personal human concerns and self-irony of the artists are being transferred into the tools for ongoing artistic research.

In their practice the four featured artists – Adrian Nettleship, Ang Song Nian, Jinwook Moon and Oliver Lee Terry, look into the key aspects of art-workers’ private life – personal object-hood, home and daily experience, forced into the domain of art-production. Thus, the artworks appear as documentation for the artistic research, representing the humdrum moments of being as a challenging and motivating case for art/sociological study.

The exhibition is structured as an interactive game-like journey, so the visitors are invited to travel through the artistic daily grind and its evaluations from the view-point of an insider, to share the artists’ sensations and concerns on a personal level of conversation through the artworks.

Date: 26 March at 18:00
Venue: Hanmi London, 30 Maple Street, W1T 8HA London

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