NOW X HERE: The 5th UK Korean Artists’ Exhibition Opening Reception

The 12th of December saw the opening reception of the 5th UK Korean Artists Exhibition titled NOW X HERE at the KCCUK.

The annual exhibition has been offering art students and recent graduates exposure at a vital time in their career. For NOW X HERE, each artist had to present work that responded to the space and time around the KCCUK. With the title words ‘Now’ and ‘Here’, there is a strong referencing of the creativity of the present by the presence.

Showcased together the nine artist’s works offers an interesting mix of ideas of the KCCUK in situ.

Notable work comes from artist Beomsik Won, whose Archisculpture series makes a gigantic sculpture with a variety of building design characteristics by many different architects. The project could be described as a collage of the Phantasmagoria’ that was discovered by Flanuer’s view of the metropolis.

Interestingly Beomsik carries his camera everywhere and takes photos of buildings he finds beautiful to add to his already large database of building photography. In creating his work he searches through his database and selects the images he wants to mould together.

For him, London is highly influential as the buildings have a distinctive and unique look about them. Furthermore being labelled a ‘Korean artist’ is something he wishes to brush off rather wishing to be known as an artist. Nationality in his view places limitations on the type of work that one can create.

His next project will see him blending East and West with a look at the architecture of buildings in Korea and London.

Beomsik’s work is definitely not one to be missed and certainly caught my attention; his work is a real highlight in this exhibition.

Make sure you check out the exhibition now at the KCCUK in Charing Cross until the 23rd January 2013.

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