Obsession: Jaeho Park Solo Exhibition


Mokspace warmly invites you to indulge in Obsession, an exposition by Korean artist and photographer Jaeho Park.
Park’s work follows a line of conceptually led research, creating a narrative for the spectator to follow and decode. He poses questions and answers about identity, in this case using the city of London as his subject, by presenting for the spectator a collection of found objects. The artist configures these objects, which he has accumulated by traversing the city, into one final, subjective image.

The artist’s work builds its own socio-cultural identity according to his encounters with the city, and his images trace the changes in his environment over time. The theme of repetition, of repeated encounters and acquisitions in the city streets, suggests an obsessive desire to crystallise and reify the moment of discovery.

Exhibition: 18th Sep- 5th Oct 2013
Venue: MOKSPACE, 3 Museum Street, London WC1A 1LH

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