Okinawa Day 2013

London Okinawa Sanshinkai and Okinawa Association U.K are delighted to host Okinawa Day 2013 on Saturday 22nd June at Spitalfields in London E1.

Okianwa Day 2013 is an admission free outdoor event and organised as a part of the Spitalfields Estate Community Events Programme. We are committed to promote the diversity of Okinawan culture through a wide range of events, such as performing arts (folk and classical songs accompanied by sanshin lute, Taiko drumming performance and Eisa dance) and arts and crafts, food, tourism information etc…

We hope very much that more and more people in the U.K will participate and enjoy Okinawan related events and contribute to create an Okinawan cultural hub in the U.K through our creative and dynamic energy of Okinawa Day 2013.

Date: 22 June 2013
Venue: Spitalfields Market, Brushfield Street, London E1 6AA
Organiser: London Okinawa Sanshinkai and Okinawa Association U.K

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